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openAccessAcid water – rock – cement interaction and multicomponent reactive.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2019Acid Water–Rock–Cement Interaction and Multicomponent Reactive Transport ModelingCama, Jordi ; Soler, Josep M.  ; Ayora, Carlos artículo
openAccess21-May-2008Arsenic and iron oxidation in presence of bacteria of the Iberian Pyritic Belt (SW Spain) and its environmental implications.Asta, María P.; Nordstrom, D. Kirk; Blaine McClesckey, R.; Cama, Jordi actas de congreso
embargoedAccess2020-ChemGeo-biotite-Cappelli.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2020Biotite reactivity in nitric and oxalic acid at low temperature and acid pH from surface and bulk dissolution measurementsCapelli, Chiara; Cama, Jordi ; Van Driessche, Alexander E.S. ; Huertas, Javierartículo
openAccess3-Jul-2011C-S-H gel dissolutioin kinetics. First results.Trapote-Barreira, A.; Soler, Josep M.  ; Cama, Jordi actas de congreso
openAccess21-Aug-2010C-S-H gel dissolution kinetics.Trapote, A.; Cama, Jordi ; Soler, Josep M.  actas de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Calcite interaction with acidic sulphate solutions: a vertical scanning interferometry and energy-dispersive XRF studyAtanassova, Radostina; Cama, Jordi ; Soler, Josep M.  ; Offeddu, Francesco G. ; Queralt Mitjans, Ignacio ; Casanova, Ignasiartículo
openAccessAcero_et_al.pdf.jpgJun-2009Chalcopyrite dissolution rate law from pH 1 to 3Acero, P.; Cama, Jordi ; Ayora, Carlos ; Asta, M. P.artículo
openAccessColumn experiments to study the interaction.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2019Column experiments to study the interaction between acid mine drainage and rock and Portland cementCama, Jordi ; Gutiérrez-León, Joan; Palau, Jordi; Fernández-Rojo, Lidia; Soler, Josep M.  comunicación de congreso
openAccess2190-4286-5-138.pdf.jpg2014Direct nanoscale observations of the coupled dissolution of calcite and dolomite and the precipitation of gypsumOffeddu, Francesco G. ; Cama, Jordi ; Soler, Josep M.  ; Putnis, C.V.artículo
embargoedAccessDissimilatory bioreduction of iron(III) oxides by Shewanella loihica under 1 marine sediment conditions-Tables.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2019Dissimilatory bioreduction of iron(III) oxides by Shewanella loihica under 1 marine sediment conditionsBenaiges-Fernandez, Robert; Palau, Jordi; Offeddu, Francesco G. ; Cama, Jordi ; Urmeneta, Jordi; Soler, Josep M.  ; Dold, Bernhardartículo
openAccess21-Jun-2009Dissolution of fluorite (111) cleavage surface in acid pH: VSI, AFM and Monte Carlo simulations.Cama, Jordi ; Zhang, L.; De Giudicci, G.; Soler, Josep M.  ; Arvidson, R. S.; Luttge, A.actas de congreso
openAccess1102785[1].pdf.jpg2005Dissolution of minor sulphides present in a pyritic sludge at pH 3 and 25º CAcero, P.; Cama, Jordi artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2012Experimental and modeling study of the hydrogeochemical properties of the Hontomin main reservoir rock under CO2 subcritical conditionsCama, Jordi ; García Rios, María ; Soler, Josep M.  ; Dávila Ordóñez, M. G. comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2013Experimental study of the hydrogeochemical properties of the Hontomin cap rock under CO2 supercritical conditionsCama, Jordi ; Soler, Josep M.  ; Dávila Ordóñez, M. G. ; Luquot, Linda póster de congreso
openAccess25-Mar-2019Fractured core experiments to study water-rock-cement interaction under CO2 storage conditionsFernández Rojo, Lidia; Chaparro, M. C.; Soler, Josep M.  ; Cama, Jordi actas de congreso
embargoedAccessBiotite reactivity in nitric and oxalic.pdf.jpgDec-2020Geochemical and isotopic study of abiotic nitrite reduction coupled to biologically produced Fe(II) oxidation in marine environmentsBenaiges-Fernandez, Robert; Offeddu, Francesco G. ; Margalef-Marti, R.; Palau J.; Urmeneta, J.; Carrey, R.; Otero, N.; Cama, Jordi artículo
openAccess2190-4286-6-67.pdf.jpg2015In situ observation of biotite (001) surface dissolution at pH 1 and 9.5 by advanced optical microscopyCappelli, C.; Lamarca-Irisarri, D.; Cama, Jordi ; Huertas, F.J.; Van Driessche, A.E.S.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Laboratory-scale interaction between CO dos-rich brine and reservoir rocks (Limestone and sandstone)García Rios, María ; Liquot, Linda; Soler, Josep M.  ; Cama, Jordi artículo
openAccessmodeling_dolomite_Davila.pdf.jpgApr-2012Modeling dolomite - brine interaction in the context of geological CO2 sequestrationDávila Ordóñez, M. G. ; García Rios, María ; Soler, Josep M.  ; Cama, Jordi póster de congreso
openAccess21-May-2008Natural attenuation of arsenic in acid mine drainages (Iberian Pyritic Belt,SW Spain).Asta, María P.; Cama, Jordi actas de congreso