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closedAccess2013Balancing Hedgehog, a retention and release equilibrium given by Dally, Ihog, Boi and shifted/DmWifBilioni, Aphrodite ; Sánchez-Hernández, David ; Callejo de Prado, Ainhoa Itziar ; Gradilla, Ana-Citlali ; Ibáñez Pérez, Carmen ; Mollica, Emanuela ; Rodríguez-Navas, Maria del Carmen; Simon, Eléanor ; Guerrero Vega, Isabel artículo
openAccessGuerrero Isabel Dispatched mediates.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2011Dispatched mediates Hedgehog basolateral release to form the long-range morphogenetic gradient in the Drosophila wing disk epitheliumCallejo de Prado, Ainhoa Itziar ; Bilioni, Aphrodite ; Mollica, Emanuela ; Gorfinkiel, Nicole ; Andrés, Germán ; Ibáñez Pérez, Carmen ; Torroja, Carlos ; Doglio, Laura ; Sierra, Javier; Guerrero Vega, Isabel artículo
openAccessIGuerrero_Development_471.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2006Hedgehog lipid modifications are required for Hedgehog stabilization in the extracellular matrixCallejo de Prado, Ainhoa Itziar ; Torroja, Carlos ; Quijada, Luis ; Guerrero Vega, Isabel artículo
openAccessWO2008037835A1.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2008Non-human animal model which can be used to identify pharmaceutical compounds which regulate the hedgehog pathway, and applications thereofGuerrero Vega, Isabel ; Callejo de Prado, Ainhoa Itziar ; Culi, Joaquim patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005The Drosophila ortholog of the human Wnt inhibitor factor shifted controls the diffusion of lipid-modified hedgehogGorfinkiel, Nicole ; Sierra, Javier; Callejo de Prado, Ainhoa Itziar ; Ibáñez Pérez, Carmen ; Guerrero Vega, Isabel artículo