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closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2011Application of NMR methods to the study of the interaction of natural products with biomolecular receptorsCalle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; Cañada, F. Javier ; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccess12-Oct-2010Binding of β-D-glucosides and β-D-mannosides by rice and barley β-D-glycosidases with distinct substrate specificitiesKuntothom, T.; Raab, M.; Tvaroska, I.; Fort, S.; Pengthaisong, S.; Cañada, F. Javier ; Calle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Ketudat Cairns, J. R.; Hrmova, M,artículo
openAccessSalazar et al. JAFC 2012 Post Print.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2012Characterization of exopolysaccharides produced by Bifidobacterium longum NB667 and Its cholate-resistant derivative strain IPLA B667dCoSalazar, Nuria CSIC ORCID; Ruas-Madiedo, Patricia CSIC ORCID ; Prieto, Alicia CSIC ORCID ; Calle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; González de los Reyes-Gavilán, Clara CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess2-May-2011New Cathepsin Inhibitors to Explore the Fluorophilic Properties of the S2 Pocket of Cathepsin B: Design, Synthesis, and Biological EvaluationFustero, Santos; Rodrigo, Vanessa; Sánchez-Roselló, María; Pozo, Carlos del; Timoneda, Joaquín; Frizler, Maxim; Sisay, Mihiret T.; Bajorath, Jürgen; Calle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; Cañada, F. Javier ; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Gütschow, Michaelartículo
openAccessConferencia Sitges 2011.pdf.jpgSep-2011NMR characterization of differential binding of sugar anomers by lectinsEl Biari, Khouzaima; Calle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; Ribeiro, João P.; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Cañada, F. Javier ; Dierks, T.; André, Sabine; Gabius, Hans-Joachimcomunicación de congreso
openAccessTesis_Luis_Pablo_Calle_Jimenez.pdf.jpg2015RMN y Reconocimiento Molecular: Relación estructura-actividad de péptidos implicados en el dolor e interacciones proteína-carbohidratoCalle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSICtesis doctoral
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2012Structure-activity relationship study of opiorphin, a human dual ectopeptidase inhibitor with antinociceptive propertiesRosa, Mónica; Arsequell, Gemma CSIC ORCID; Rougeot, Catherine; Calle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; Marcelo, Filipa CSIC ORCID; Pinto, Marta; Centeno, Nuria B.; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Valencia Parera, Gregorioartículo
closedAccess2-Jun-2011Synthesis, biological evaluation and structural characterization of novel glycopeptide analogues of nociceptin N/OFQArsequell, Gemma CSIC ORCID; Mayato, Carlos; Rosa, Mónica; Dorta, Rosa L.; Gonzalez-Nuñez, Verónica; Barreto-Valer, Katherine; Marcelo, Filipa CSIC ORCID; Calle Jiménez, Luis Pablo CSIC; Vázquez, Jesús CSIC ORCID CVN; Rodríguez, Raquel E.; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Valencia Parera, Gregorioartículo