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openAccessanisotrohexanepre.pdf.jpg2020Anisotropic Au-ZnO photocatalyst for the visible-light expanded oxidation of n-hexaneBueno-Alejo, Carlos; Graus, Javier; Arenal, Raul; Lafuente, Marta; Bottega‐Pergher, Bruno; Hueso, José L. artículo
openAccesscleavaliver.pdf.jpg2019Cleavable and thermo-responsive hybrid nanoparticles for on-demand drug deliveryOrtiz de Solorzano, Isabel; Alejo, Teresa; Abad Andrés, Miriam; Bueno-Alejo, Carlos; Mendoza, Gracia; Andreu, Vanesa; Irusta, Silvia; Sebastian, Victor; Arruebo, Manuelartículo
openAccesshighair.pdf.jpg2019High-radiance LED-driven fluidized bed photoreactor for the complete oxidation of n-hexane in airBueno-Alejo, Carlos; Hueso, José L. ; Mallada, Reyes; Julian, Ignacio; Santamaría, Jesúsartículo
openAccessinsitunitrophe.pdf.jpg2018In-situ deposition of plasmonic gold nanotriangles and nanoprisms onto layered hydroxides for full-range photocatalytic response towards the selective reduction of p-nitrophenolGraus, Javier; Bueno-Alejo, Carlos; Hueso, José L. artículo
openAccesslaserphoto.pdf.jpg2020Laser-driven direct synthesis of carbon nanodots and application as sensitizers for visible-light photocatalysisMas, Nuria; Hueso, José L. ; Martínez, Gema; Madrid, Ainhoa; Mallada, Reyes; Ortega-Liébana, M. Carmen; Bueno-Alejo, Carlos; Santamaría, Jesúsartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019LED-driven continuous flow carbon dioxide hydrogenation on a nickel-based catalystBueno-Alejo, Carlos; Arca-Ramos, Adriana; Hueso, José L. ; Santamaría, Jesúsartículo
openAccesssilverange.pdf.jpg2019Silver-copper oxide heteronanostructures for the plasmonic-enhanced photocatalytic oxidation of N-hexane in the visible-NIR rangeSuarez, Hugo; Ramirez, Adrian; Bueno-Alejo, Carlos; Hueso, José L. artículo
openAccessBottega_Eur.J.Inorg 2019_preprint.pdf.jpg2019Triangular and prism‐shaped gold‐zinc oxide plasmonic nanostructures: In situ reduction, assembly, and full‐range photocatalytic performanceBottega‐Pergher, Bruno; Graus, Javier; Bueno-Alejo, Carlos; Hueso, José L. artículo