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closedAccess21-Feb-2006[4-(N-Carbazolyl)-2,6-dichlorophenyl]bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)methyl radical an efficient red light-emitting paramagnetic moleculeGamero, Vanesa; Velasco, Dolores; Latorre, Sonia; López-Calahorra, Francisco ; Brillas, Enric; Juliá, Lluís artículo
embargoedAccess29-May-2019Bipolar charge transport in organic electron donor-acceptor systems with stable organic radicals as electron-withdrawing moietiesBobet, Ares; Cuadrado, Alba; Fajarí, Lluís ; Sirés, Ignasi; Brillas, Enric; Almajano, María Pilar; Jankauskas, Vygintas; Velasco, Dolores; Julià, Luísartículo
embargoedAccessFormation of stable biradical triplet state cation versus.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2019Formation of a stable biradical triplet state cation: Versus a closed shell singlet state cation by oxidation of adducts of 3,6-dimethoxycarbazole and polychlorotriphenylmethyl radicalsBallesteros, Paola; Cuadrado, Alba; Gilabert, Alejandra; Fajarí, Lluís ; Sirés, Ignasi; Brillas, Enric; Almajano, María Pilar; Velasco, Dolores; Anglada, Josep Maria; Julía, Luísartículo
openAccessJulia_Luis_et_al.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2004Macromolecular polyradicals with cyclic triphosphazene as a core. Spectral and electrochemical propertiesCarriedo, Gabino A.; García Alonso, Francisco J.; Gómez Elipe, P.; Brillas, Enric; Labarta, Amílcar; Juliá, Lluís artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg10-Dec-2011Preparation and characterization of persistent maltose-conjugated triphenylmethyl radicalsMesa, Juan Antonio ; Velázquez Palenzuela, Amado; Brillas, Enric; Coll, Josep ; Torres, Josep Lluís ; Juliá, Lluís artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Punicalagin and catechins contain polyphenolic substructures that influence cell viability and can be monitored by radical chemosensors sensitive to electron transferCarreras, Anna ; Mateos-Martín, María Luisa; Velázquez-Palenzuela, Amado; Brillas, Enric; Cascante, Marta ; Juliá, Lluís ; Torres, Josep Lluís artículo
closedAccess9-Jul-2007Red organic light-emitting radical adducts of carbazole and tris(2,4,6-trichlorotriphenyl)methyl radical that exhibit high thermal stability and electrochemical amphotericityVelasco, Dolores; Castellanos, Sonia ; López, Marc; López-Calahorra, Francisco ; Brillas, Enric; Juliá, Lluís artículo
closedAccess17-Apr-2007Reducing Power of Simple Polyphenols by Electron-Transfer Reactions Using a New Stable Radical of the PTM Series, Tris (2,3,5,6-tetrachloro-4-nitrophenyl)methyl Radical.Torres, Josep Lluís ; Carreras, Anna ; Jiménez, Aurora; Brillas, Enric; Torrelles, Xavier ; Rius, Jordi ; Juliá, Lluís artículo
closedAccess2010Stable radical cores: a key for bipolar charge transport in glass forming carbazole and indole derivativesCastellanos, Sonia ; Gaidelis, Valentas; Jankauskas, Vygintas; Grazulevicius, Juozas V.; Brillas, Enric; López-Calahorra, Francisco ; Juliá, Lluís ; Velasco, Doloresartículo
closedAccess5-Jan-2004Synthesis and non-linear optical and redox properties of 6-nitro-6'-piperidyl-2,2'-bisbenzothiazole: a new type of push–pull moleculesLópez-Calahorra, Francisco ; Martínez-Rubio, Mariano; Velasco, Dolores; Brillas, Enric; Juliá, Lluís artículo
closedAccess2011Synthesis of a new stable and water-soluble tris(4-hydroxysulfonyltetrachlorophenyl)methyl radical with selective oxidative capacityMesa, Juan Antonio ; Velázquez-Palenzuela, Amado; Brillas, Enric; Torres, Josep Lluís ; Juliá, Lluís artículo
openAccessTorres_et_al.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2003Tris(2,4,6-trichloro-3,5-dinitrophenyl)methyl radical: a new stable coloured magnetic species as a chemosensor for natural polyphenolsTorres, Josep Lluís ; Varela, Begoña; Brillas, Enric; Juliá, Lluís artículo