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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1998A neurite outgrowth-inhibitory proteoglycan expressed during development is similar to that isolated from adult brain after isomorphic injuryFernaud-Espinosa, Isabel CSIC ORCID; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel CSIC; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessBovolentaP_ATrans-RegulatoryCode.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2015A trans-Regulatory code for the forebrain expression of Six3.2 in the Medaka fishBeccari, Leonardo CSIC ORCID; Marco-Ferreres, Raquel CSIC ORCID; Tabanera, Noemí CSIC ORCID; Manfredi, Anna; Souren, Marcel; Wittbrodt, Beate; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessEMM2017.pdf.jpg23-May-2017Abnormal glycogen chain length pattern, not hyperphosphorylation, is critical in Lafora diseaseNitschke, Felix; Juana-López, Lucía CSIC ; Rodríguez de Córdoba, Santiago ; Minassian, Berge A.; Sullivan, Mitchell A; Wang, P.; Zhao, Xiaochu; Chown, Erin E; Perri, Ami M; Israelian, Lori; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Steup, Martinartículo
openAccessBovolentaP_AdenohypophysisPlacodal.pdf.jpg2017Adenohypophysis placodal precursors exhibit distinctive features within the rostral preplacodal ectodermSánchez-Arrones, Luisa CSIC; Sandonís Consuegra, África; Cardozo, Marcos CSIC ORCID; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccesss41467-021-24169-7.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2021Analysis of gene network bifurcation during optic cup morphogenesis in zebrafishBuono, Lorena CSIC ORCID; Corbacho Sánchez, Jorge CSIC ORCID; Naranjo, Silvia CSIC ORCID; Almuedo-Castillo, María CSIC ORCID; Moreno-Mármol, Tania; Cerda, Berta de la CSIC ORCID; Sanabria-Reinoso, Estefanía CSIC ORCID; Polvillo Hernández, Rocío CSIC ORCID; Díaz-Corrales, Francisco J. CSIC ORCID; Bogdanovic, Ozren CSIC ORCID; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Martínez-Morales, Juan Ramón CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Analysis of the developmental SIX6 homeobox gene in patients with anophthalmia/microphthalmia [1]Gallardo, M. Esther CSIC ORCID; Rodríguez de Córdoba, Santiago ; Schneider, Adele S.; Dwyer, M. A.; Ayuso, Carmen; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Appropriate Bmp7 levels are required for the differentiation of midline guidepost cells involved in corpus callosum formationSánchez-Camacho, Cristina CSIC ORCID; Ortega, Juan Alberto; Ocaña, Inmaculada; Alcántara, Soledad; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Autonomous and non-autonomous Shh signalling mediate the in vivo growth and guidance of mouse retinal ganglion cell axonsSánchez-Camacho, Cristina CSIC ORCID; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessBovolenta,2008,JCellScience.pdf.jpg2008Beyond Wnt inhibition: New functions of secreted Frizzled-related proteins in development and diseaseBovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Esteve, Pilar CSIC ORCID; Ruiz, José María; Cisneros Niño, Elsa CSIC ORCID; López-Ríos, J.artículo
openAccessBovolenta,2001,JNeurosci.,21,1292-.pdf.jpg2001BMP4 mediates apoptotic cell death in the developing chick eyeTrousse, Francoise; Esteve, Pilar CSIC ORCID; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Cdon and Boc: Two transmembrane proteins implicated in cell-cell communicationSánchez-Arrones, Luisa CSIC; Cardozo, Marcos CSIC ORCID; Nieto-López, Francisco CSIC; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1993Characterization of a neurite outgrowth inhibitor expressed after CNS injuryBovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Wandosell, Francisco CSIC ORCID ; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel CSICartículo
openAccessgb-2007-8-7-r137.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2007Comprehensive characterization of the cis-regulatory code responsible for the spatio-temporal expression of olSix3.2 in the developing medaka forebrainConte, Iván; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessSep-1997Control of early cell death by BDNF in the chick retinaFrade López, José María CSIC ORCID ; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Martínez-Morales, Juan Ramón CSIC ORCID; Arribas, Ángeles; Barbas, Julio A. CSIC ORCID; Rodríguez-Tebar, Alfredo CSICartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2001Control of retinal ganglion cell axon growth: A new role forSonic hedgehogTrousse, Francoise; Martí, Elisa CSIC ORCID ; Gruss, P.; Torres, Miguel; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccess2017Coordinated morphogenetic mechanisms shape the vertebrate eyeMartínez-Morales, Juan Ramón CSIC ORCID; Cavodeassi, Florencia CSIC ORCID; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessCux1andCux2.pdf.jpgMay-2010Cux1 and Cux2 Regulate Dendritic Branching, Spine Morphology, and Synapses of the Upper Layer Neurons of the CortexCubelos, Beatriz CSIC ORCID; Sebastián-Serrano, Álvaro CSIC ORCID; Beccari, Leonardo CSIC ORCID; Calcagnotto, María Elisa CSIC ORCID; Cisneros Niño, Elsa CSIC ORCID; Kim, Seonhee; Dopazo, Ana; Álvarez-Dolado, Manuel CSIC ORCID CVN; Redondo, Juan Miguel CSIC ORCID; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Walsh, Christopher; Nieto, Martaartículo
openAccess23-Feb-2021Desafío 2. Origen de la vidaBovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Gabinete de Presidencia CSIC; Departamento de Comunicación CSICvídeo
closedAccess16-May-2003Developmental changes in the Ca2+-regulated mitochondrial aspartate–glutamate carrier aralar1 in brain and prominent expression in the spinal cordRamos Gómez, Milagros; Arco, Araceli del; Pardo, Beatriz CSIC ORCID; Martínez-Serrano, Alberto CSIC ORCID; Martínez-Morales, Juan Ramón CSIC ORCID; Kobayashi, Keiko; Yasuda, Tomotsugu; Bogónez, Elena; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCID; Saheki, Takeyori; Satrústegui, Jorgina CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1996Developmental distribution of glycosaminoglycans in embryonic rat brain: Relationship to axonal tract formationFernaud-Espinosa, Isabel CSIC ORCID; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel CSIC; Bovolenta, Paola CSIC ORCIDartículo