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closedAccessAug-2000A multidisciplinary approach to the understanding of hydromedusan populations inhabiting Mediterranean submarine canyonsGili, Josep Maria  ; Pagès, Francesc ; Bouillon, Jean; Palanques, Albert  ; Puig, Pere  ; Heussner, Serge; Calafat, Antoni; Canals, Miquel; Monaco, Andreartículo
openAccessBouillon_et_al_2000.pdf.jpgDec-2000Deep-water Hydromedusae from the Lacaze-Duthiers submarine canyon (Banyuls, northwestern Mediterranean) and description of two new genera, Guillea and ParateclaiaBouillon, Jean; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Palanques, Albert  ; Puig, Pere  ; Pagès, Francesc ; Heussner, Sergeartículo
openAccessArticle text.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2004Fauna of the Mediterranean HydrozoaBouillon, Jean; Medel, María Dolores; Pagès, Francesc ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Boero, Ferdinando; Gravili, Cinzialibro
closedAccess2006An introduction to HydrozoaBouillon, Jean; Gravili, Cinzia; Pagès, Francesc ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Boero, Ferdinandolibro
openAccessPages_et_al_1992.pdf.jpgDec-1992Medusae (Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Cubozoa) of the Benguela Current (southeastern Atlantic)Pagès, Francesc ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Bouillon, Jeanartículo
closedAccessJun-2006A new Antarctic association: the case of the hydroid Sarsia medelae (new sp.) associated with gorgoniansGili, Josep Maria  ; López-González, Pablo J.; Bouillon, Jeanartículo
closedAccessNov-2001New species of benthopelagic hydromedusae from the Weddell SeaBouillon, Jean; Pagès, Francesc ; Gili, Josep Maria  artículo
openAccessGili_et_al_1998.pdf.jpg30-Jun-1998A new species of Krampella (Hydrozoa, Hydroidomedusae, Tiarannidae) from the deep waters of Antikythira Strait (Cretan Sea, North East Mediterranean)Gili, Josep Maria  ; Bouillon, Jean; Pagès, Francesc artículo
openAccessBouillon_et_al_1992.pdf.jpgJun-1992Non-Siphonophoran Hydrozoa: what are we talking about?Bouillon, Jean; Boero, Ferdinando; Cicogna, F.; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Hughes, R.G.artículo
openAccessGili_et_al_1998.pdf.jpg30-Jun-1998Origin and biogeography of the deep-water Mediterranean Hydromedusae including the description of two new species collected in submarine canyons of Northwestern MediterraneanGili, Josep Maria  ; Bouillon, Jean; Pagès, Francesc ; Palanques, Albert  ; Puig, Pere  ; Heussner, Sergeartículo
openAccessPages_et_al_1997.pdf.jpgDec-1997A redescription of Paragotoea bathybia Kramp 1942 (Hydroidomedusae: Corymorphidae) with a new diagnosis for the genus ParagotoeaPagès, Francesc ; Bouillon, Jeanartículo
closedAccessMar-1999Submarine canyons as habitats of prolific plankton populations: three new deep-sea Hydroidomedusae in the western MediterraneanGili, Josep Maria  ; Bouillon, Jean; Pagès, Francesc ; Palanques, Albert  ; Puig, Pere  artículo