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closedAccess2011Active bacteria and archaea cells fixing bicarbonate in the dark along the water column of a stratified eutrophic lagoonLlirós, Marc; Alonso-Sáez, Laura; Gich, Frederic; Plasencia, Anna; Auguet, Olga; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.artículo
openAccessBacterial_phylogenetic.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2022Bacterial phylogenetic markers in lake sediments provide direct evidence for historical hemp rettingRull, Valentí CSIC ORCID ; Sacristán-Soriano, Oriol CSIC ORCID ; Sánchez-Melsió, Alexandre; Borrego, Carles M.; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresaartículo
openAccessArellano et al 2002.pdf.jpgOct-2002Bacteriochlorophyll e monomers, but not aggregates, sensitize singlet oxygen: implications for a self-photoprotection mechanism in chlorosomes.Arellano, Juan B. CSIC ORCID ; Melo, Thor Bernt; Borrego, Carles M.; Naqvi, K. Raziartículo
openAccessEmilio 2015 (3).pdf.jpg2015Connecting biodiversity and potential functional role in modern euxinic environments by microbial metagenomicsLlorens-Marès, Tomàs CSIC ORCID; Yooseph, Shibu; Goll, Johannes; Hoffman, Jeff; Vila-Costa, Maria CSIC ORCID; Borrego, Carles M.; Dupont, Chris L.; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccess2012Contribution of deep dark fixation processes to overall CO2 incorporation and large vertical changes of microbial populations in stratified karstic lakes.Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID ; Llirós, Marc; Picazo, Antoni; Barberán, Albert CSIC ORCID; Borrego, Carles M.; Camacho, Antonioartículo
openAccessMartínez-Planells et al 2002.pdf.jpgFeb-2002Determination of the topography and biometry of chlorosomes by atomic force microscopyMartínez-Planells, Asunción; Arellano, Juan B. CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.; López-Iglesias, Carmen; Gich, Frederic; García-Gil, L. Jesúsartículo
openAccessTERCER_INFORME_CANVI_CLIMATIC_web.pdf.jpg2016Ecosistemes aquàtics continentalsSabater, Sergi; Acuña, Vicenç; Batalla, Ramón J.; Borrego, Carles M.; Butturini, Andrea CSIC ORCID; Felip, Marisol; García-Berthou, Emili; Gascón, Stephanie; Marcé, Rafael; Martí, Eugènia ; Menéndez, Margarita CSIC ORCID; Muñoz, Isabel; Quintana, Xavier; Sabater, Francesc CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessArellano et al 2000a.pdf.jpgJun-2000Effect of carotenoid biosynthesis inhibition on the chlorosome organization in Chlorobium phaeobacteroides strain CL1401Arellano, Juan B. CSIC ORCID ; Psencik, Jakub; Borrego, Carles M.; Ma, Ying-Zhong; Guyoneaud, Rémy; García-Gil, L. Jesús; Gillbro, Tomasartículo
openAccessArellano et al 2001.pdf.jpgMar-2001Effect of carotenoid deficiency on cells and chlorosomes of Chlorobium phaeobacteroidesArellano, Juan B. CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.; Martínez-Planells, Asunción; García-Gil, L. Jesúsartículo
openAccessEvaluation of two rapid ultrafiltration-based methods_Fores.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2021Evaluation of two rapid ultrafiltration-based methods for SARS-CoV-2 concentration from wastewaterForés, Eva; Bofill-Mas, Sílvia; Itarte, Marta; Martínez-Puchol, Sandra; Hundesa, Ayalkibet; Calvo, M.; Borrego, Carles M.; Corominas, Lluís; Girones, Rosina; Rusiñol, Marta CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessSTOTEN21 proofs Andy.pdf.jpg2021Faecal microbiota and antibiotic resistance genes in migratory waterbirds with contrasting habitat useJarma, Dayana; Sánchez, Marta I. CSIC ORCID CVN ; Green, Andy J. CSIC ORCID ; Peralta-Sánchez, Juan M. CSIC ORCID; Hortas, Francisco; Sánchez-Melsió, Alexandre; Borrego, Carles M.artículo
closedAccessOct-2008Fingerprinting the genetic diversity of the biotin carboxylase gene (accC) in aquatic ecosystems as a potential marker for studies of carbon dioxide assimilation in the darkAuguet, Jean-Christophe CSIC ORCID; Borrego, Carles M.; Bañeras, Lluís; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccessAug-2007Flow cytometric identification and enumeration of photosynthetic sulfur bacteria and potential for ecophysiological studies at the single-cell levelCasamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID ; Ferrera, Isabel CSIC ORCID; Cristina, Xavier P.; Borrego, Carles M.; Gasol, Josep M. CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccessCaliz 2022.pdf.jpg2022Global dispersal and potential sources of antibiotic resistance genes in atmospheric remote depositionsCaliz, Joan CSIC ORCID CVN ; Subirats, Jèssica; Triadó-Margarit, Xavier CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccessNov-2008High archaeal richness in the water column of a freshwater sulfurous karstic lake along an interannual study.Llirós, Marc; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.artículo
closedAccess2015High Bacterial Diversity and Phylogenetic Novelty in Dark Euxinic Freshwaters Analyzed by 16S Tag Community ProfilingLlorens-Marès, Tomàs CSIC ORCID; Triadó-Margarit, Xavier CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.; Dupont, Chris L.; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccess2016Insights in the ecology and evolutionary history of the Miscellaneous Crenarchaeotic Group lineageFillol, Mireia; Auguet, Jean-Christophe CSIC ORCID; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.artículo
openAccessBrown-coloured chlorosomes.tif.jpgAug-2006Internal Structure of Chlorosomes from Brown-Colored Chlorobium Species and the Role of Carotenoids in Their AssemblyPsencik, Jakub; Arellano, Juan B. CSIC ORCID ; Ikonen, Teemu P.; Borrego, Carles M.; Laurinmäki, Pasi A.; Butcher, Sarah J.; Serimaa, Ritva E.; Tuma, Romanartículo
openAccess2011Maintenance of previously uncultured freshwater archaea from anoxic waters under laboratory conditionsPlasencia, Anna; Bañeras, Lluís; Llirós, Marc; Casamayor, Emilio O. CSIC ORCID ; Borrego, Carles M.artículo
closedAccessSep-2014Marked seasonality of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in the coastal NW Mediterranean Sea as revealed by cell abundance, pigment concentration and pyrosequencing of pufM geneFerrera, Isabel CSIC ORCID; Borrego, Carles M.; Salazar, Guillem CSIC ORCID; Gasol, Josep M. CSIC ORCID artículo