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openAccessAssessment_Ivorra_Martinez.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2020Assessment of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Injection-Molded Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate)/Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles Parts for Use in Bone Tissue EngineeringIvorra-Martinez, Juan; Quiles-Carrillo, Luis; Boronat, Teodomiro; Torres-Giner, Sergio; Covas, José A.artículo
openAccessDevelopment_Lascano_Art2019.pdf.jpg2019Development of Injection-Molded Polylactide Pieces with High Toughness by the Addition of Lactic Acid Oligomer and Characterization of Their Shape Memory BehaviorLascano, Diego; Moraga, Giovanni; Ivorra-Martinez, Juan; Rojas-Lema, Sandra; Torres Giner, Sergio CSIC ORCID; Balart, Rafael; Boronat, Teodomiro; Quiles-Carrillo, Luisartículo
openAccesspolymers-12-00174.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2020Mechanical Recycling of Partially Bio-Based and Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Blends by Reactive Extrusion with Poly(styrene-co-glycidyl methacrylate)Montava-Jordà, Sergi; Lascano, Diego; Quiles-Carrillo, Luis; Montanes, Néstor; Boronat, Teodomiro; Martínez-Sanz, Antonio V.; Ferrándiz-Bou, Santiago; Torres-Giner, Sergioartículo
openAccesspolymers-12-00031.pdf.jpg23-Dec-2019On the Use of Gallic Acid as a Potential Natural Antioxidant and Ultraviolet Light Stabilizer in Cast-Extruded Bio-Based High-Density Polyethylene FilmsQuiles Carrillo, Luis; Montava-Jordà, Sergi; Boronat, Teodomiro; Sammon, Chris; Torres Giner, Sergio CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccesspolymers-11-01354.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2019Optimization of the curing and post-curing conditions for the manufacturing of partially bio-based epoxy resins with improved toughnessLascano, Diego; Quiles-Carrillo, Luis; Torres-Giner, Sergio; Boronat, Teodomiro; Montanes, Néstorartículo
openAccessStudy_Agüero_Art2019.pdf.jpg2019Study of the Influence of the Reprocessing Cycles on the Final Properties of Polylactide Pieces Obtained by Injection MoldingAgüero, Ángel; Morcillo, Maria del Carmen; Quiles-Carrillo, Luis; Balart, Rafael; Boronat, Teodomiro; Lascano, Diego; Torres Giner, Sergio CSIC ORCID; Fenollar, Octavioartículo