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openAccess2008‘A posteriori’ searching for phenotypic characters to describe new cryptic species of sponges revealed by molecular markers (Dictyonellidae : Scopalina).Blanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  Artículo
openAccessGarate et al 2105 bacterial deterrence.pdf.jpg2015Calcareous spherules produced by intracellular symbiotic bacteria protect the sponge Hemimycale columella from predation better than secondary metabolitesGarate, Leire; Blanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  Artículo
openAccessGarate 2017.pdf.jpg2017Contrasting biological features in morphologically cryptic Mediterranean spongesGarate, Leire; Blanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  Artículo
openAccess2007Cryptic speciation in marine sponges evidenced by mitochondrial and nuclear genes: A phylogenetic approachBlanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  Artículo
openAccessm371p109.pdf.jpg19-nov-2008Hidden diversity in sympatric sponges: adjusting life-history dynamics to share substrate.Blanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Agell, Gemma  Artículo
openAccessliving together.pdf.jpg2011Living together apart. The hidden genetic diversity of sponge populations.Blanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  Artículo
closedAccess2005Polymorphic microsatellite loci isolated from the marine sponge Scopalina lophyropoda (Demospongiae: Halichondrida)Blanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Pascual, MartaArtículo
openAccess1471-2148-10-13.pdf.jpg14-ene-2010Population genetics at three spatial scales of a rare sponge living in fragmented habitatsBlanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  Artículo
openAccessBlanquer et al 2013 preprint.pdf.jpgago-2013Removing environmental sources of variation to gain insight on symbionts vs. transient microbes in high and low microbial abundance spongesBlanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Galand, Pierre E. Artículo
openAccessm380p095.pdf.jpg2009Small-scale spatial genetic structure in Scopalina lophyropoda, an encrusting sponge with philopatric larval dispersal and frequent fission and fusion eventsBlanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Caujapé Castells, J. Artículo
openAccessBlanquer 2016.pdf.jpg19-may-2016Snapshot of a Bacterial Microbiome Shift during the Early Symptoms of a Massive Sponge Die-Off in the Western MediterraneanBlanquer, Andrea ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Cebrian, Emma  ; Galand, Pierre E. Artículo