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closedAccess1989Biomass production and variation in the biochemical profile (total protein, carbohydrates, RNA, lipids and fatty acids) of seven species of marine microalgaeFernández-Reiriz, María José ; Pérez-Camacho, A.; Ferreiro, M. J. ; Blanco, Juan; Planas, Miguel ; Campos, M. J.; Labarta, Uxío artículo
openAccessDinophysis_toxins_2014.pdf.jpg2014Dinophysis toxins: Causative organisms, distribution and fate in shellfishReguera, B.; Riobó, Pilar ; Rodríguez, Francisco; Díaz, Patricio A.; Pizarro, Gemita; Paz, Beatriz ; Franco, José M. ; Blanco, Juanartículo
closedAccess2003Kinetics of accumulation and transformation of paralytic shellfish toxins in the blue mussel Mytilus galloprovincialisBlanco, Juan; Reyero, María I.; Franco, José M. artículo
openAccessm158p165.pdf.jpg1997PSP detoxification kinetics in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis. One- and two-compartment models and the effect of some environmental variablesBlanco, Juan; Moroño, Ángeles; Franco, José M. ; Reyero, María I.artículo
openAccesssm60n2275.pdf.jpg1996Some aspects of the water flow through mussel raftsBlanco, Juan; Zapata, Manuel ; Moroño, Ángelesartículo
closedAccess2001The effect of mussel size, temperature, seston volume, food quality and volume-specific toxin concentration on the uptake rate of PSP toxins by mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk)Moroño, Ángeles; Franco, José M. ; Miranda, M.; Reyero, María I.; Blanco, Juanartículo
openAccessToxin_production_2017.pdf.jpg2017Toxin production, growth kinetics and molecular characterization of Ostreopsis cf. ovata isolated from Todos os Santos Bay, tropical southwestern AtlanticMendes, Maria Cristina de Q.; Nunes, José Marcos C.; Menezes, Mariângela; Fraga, Santiago; Rodríguez, Francisco; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Blanco, Juan; Franco, José M. ; Riobó, Pilar artículo
openAccessYessotoxins_production.pdf.jpg2013Yessotoxins production during the culture of Protoceratium reticulatum strains isolated from Galician Rias Baixas (NW Spain)Paz, Beatriz ; Blanco, Juan; Franco, José M. artículo