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openAccessMagnani_et_al_2008-FLEX_poster.pdf.jpg2008Assessing gross primary production from solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence: field results and integration into biogeophysical modelsMoreno, José; Moya, Ismael; Miglietta, F.; Rascher, U.; Berger, Michael; Verhoef, Wout; Agati, G.; Olioso, A.; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J. ; Rivalland, V.; Magnani, F.póster de congreso
openAccessDrinkwater_et_al_2009.pdf.jpgFeb-2009Exploring the water cycle of the blue planet. The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity MissionDrinkwater, Mark; Kerr, Y.; Font, Jordi ; Berger, Michaelartículo
closedAccess2006FluorMODgui V3.0: A graphic user interface for the spectral simulation of leaf and canopy chlorophyll fluorescenceZarco-Tejada, Pablo J. ; Miller, John R.; Pedrós, Roberto; Verhoef, Wout; Berger, Michaelartículo
openAccess43.pdf.jpg2004FluorMODgui: A Graphic User Interface for the Spectral Simulation of Leaf and Canopy Fluorescence EffectsZarco-Tejada, Pablo J. ; Miller, John R.; Pedrós, Roberto; Verhoef, Wout; Berger, Michaelcomunicación de congreso
closedAccessAug-2002Measuring Ocean Salinity with ESA’s SMOS Mission - Advancing the ScienceBerger, Michael; Font, Jordi ; Attema, E.artículo
openAccess34.pdf.jpg2004Progress on the development of an integrated canopy fluorescence modelMiller, John R.; Berger, Michael; Alonso, Luis; Cerovic, Zoran; Goulas, Yves; Jacquemoud, Stéphane; Louis, J.; Mohammed, G. H.; Moya, Ismael; Pedrós, Roberto; Moreno, José; Verhoef, Wout; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J. comunicación de congreso
openAccessDrinkwater_et_al_2009.pdf.jpgFeb-2009Star in the sky. The SMOS payload: MIRASDrinkwater, Mark; McMullan, Kevin; Marti, Joel; Brown, Michael; Martín-Neira, Manuel; Rits, Willy; Ekholm, Sten; Lemanczyk, Jerzy; Kerr, Y.; Font, Jordi ; Berger, Michaelartículo