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openAccessPRB76_144412.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2007Absence of local magnetic moments in Ru and Rh impurities and clusters on Ag(100) and Pt(997)Honolka, J.; Kuhnke, K.; Vitali, Lucia ; Enders, A.; Kern, Klaus; Gardonio, S.; Carbone, Carlo; Krishnakumar, S. R.; Bencok, Peter; Stepanow, Sebastian; Gambardella, Pietroartículo
openAccessNJP_10_013011.pdf.jpg17-Jan-2008Element-resolved x-ray ferrimagnetic and ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopyBoero, G.; Mouaziz, S.; Rusponi, S.; Bencok, Peter; Nolting, F.; Stepanow, Sebastian; Gambardella, Pietroartículo
openAccesse094409.pdf.jpg2010Magnetic anisotropy of Fe and Co ultrathin films deposited on Rh(111) and Pt(111) substrates: An experimental and first-principles investigationLehnert, Anne; Dennler, Samuel; Błoński, Piotr; Rusponi, S.; Etzkorn, Markus; Moulas, Géraud; Bencok, Peter; Gambardella, Pietro; Brune, H.; Hafner, Jürgenartículo
openAccessPRB78_214424.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2008Magnetic properties of ultrathin FexCo(1-x) films on Pt(111)Moulas, Géraud; Lehnert, Anne; Rusponi, S.; Etzkorn, Markus; Bencok, Peter; Gambardella, Pietro; Weinberger, P.; Brune, H.artículo
openAccesse104426.pdf.jpg2010Magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy of Co and Fe adatoms on the (111) surfaces of Pd and RhBłoński, Piotr; Lehnert, Anne; Dennler, Samuel; Rusponi, S.; Etzkorn, Markus; Moulas, Géraud; Bencok, Peter; Gambardella, Pietro; Brune, H.; Hafner, Jürgenartículo
openAccess1-Feb-2009Supramolecular control of the magnetic anisotropy in two-dimensional high-spin Fe arrays at a metal interfaceGambardella, Pietro; Stepanow, Sebastian; Dmitriev, Alexandre; Honolka, J.; Groot, Frank M. F. de; Lingenfelder, Magalí; Gupta, Subhra Sen; Sarma, D. D.; Bencok, Peter; Stanescu, Stefan; Clair, Sylvain; Pons, Stéphane; Lin, Nian; Seitsonen, Ari P.; Brune, H.; Barth, Johannes V.; Kern, Klausartículo
openAccessPRB75_125211.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2007Surface characterization of Mn(x)Ge(1−x) and Cr(y)Mn(x)Ge(1−x−y) dilute magnetic semiconductorsGambardella, Pietro; Claude, L.; Rusponi, S.; Franke, K. J.; Brune, H.; Raabe, J.; Nolting, F.; Bencok, Peter; Hanbicki, A. T.; Jonker, B. T.; Grazioli, C.; Veronese, M.; Carbone, Carloartículo