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openAccessEffects_geostrophic_kinetic_2016.pdf.jpg2016Effects of Geostrophic Kinetic Energy on the Distribution of Mesopelagic Fish Larvae in the Southern Gulf of California in Summer/ Fall Stratified SeasonsContreras-Catala, Fernando; Sánchez-Velasco, Laura; Beier, Emilio; Godínez, Víctor M.; Barton, Eric D. ; Santamaría-del-Ángel, Eduardoartículo
embargoedAccessEfects_mesoscale_structures.pdf.jpg2018Effects of mesoscale structures on the distribution of cephalopod paralarvae in the Gulf of California and adjacent PacificRuvalcaba-Aroche, Erick D.; Sánchez-Velasco, Laura; Beier, Emilio; Godínez, Víctor M.; Barton, Eric D. ; Pacheco, María R.artículo
openAccessFreshwater_exchanges_2017.pdf.jpg2017Freshwater exchanges and surface salinity in the Colombian basin, Caribbean SeaBeier, Emilio; Bernal, Gladys; Ruiz-Ochoa, Mauricio; Barton, Eric D. artículo
openAccessParalarvae_complex_Sthenoteuthis_oualaniensis.pdf.jpg2016Paralarvae of the complex Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis-Dosidicus gigas (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in the northern limit of the shallow oxygen minimum zone of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (April 2012)Sánchez-Velasco, Laura; Ruvalcaba-Aroche, Erick D.; Beier, Emilio; Godínez, Víctor M.; Barton, Eric D. ; Díaz-Viloria, Noe; Pacheco, María R.artículo
closedAccess2012Sea surface temperature variability in the Colombian Basin, Caribbean SeaRuiz-Ochoa, Mauricio; Beier, Emilio; Bernal, Gladys; Barton, Eric D. artículo
openAccessSurface_salinity_2018.pdf.jpg2018Surface Salinity Balance in the Tropical Pacific Off MexicoPortela, Esther; Beier, Emilio; Barton, Eric D. ; Sánchez-Velasco, Lauraartículo
embargoedAccessVertical_distribution_calanoid.pdf.jpg2018Vertical distribution of calanoid copepods in a mature cyclonic eddy in the Gulf of CaliforniaCruz-Hernández, Javier; Sánchez-Velasco, Laura; Godínez, Víctor M.; Beier, Emilio; Palomares-García, José R.; Barton, Eric D. ; Santamaría-del-Ángel, Eduardoartículo
openAccessWater_Masses_Circulation_2016.pdf.jpg2016Water Masses and Circulation in the Tropical Pacific off Central Mexico and Surrounding AreasPortela, Esther; Beier, Emilio; Barton, Eric D. ; Castro, Rubén; Godínez, Víctor M.; Palacios-Hernández, Emilio; Fiedler, Paul C.; Sánchez-Velasco, Laura; Trasviña, Armandoartículo