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closedAccess6-Mar-2007Altitudinal gradients of PBDEs and PCBs in fish from European high mountain lakesGallego, Eva; Grimalt, Joan O.  ; Bartrons Vilamala, Mireia; López Fernández, Jordi F. ; Camarero, Lluís ; Catalán, Jordi; Stuchlík, Evzen; Battarbee, Rickartículo
closedAccess2002Climate variability and ecosystem dynamics at remote alpine and arctic lakes: the last 200 yearsBattarbee, Rick; Grytnes, J. A.; Thompson, R.; Appleby, Peter; Catalán, Jordi; Korhola, A.; Birks, H. J. B.; Heegaard, Einar; Lami, A. artículo
closedAccess2002Climate variability and ecosystem dynamics of remote alpine and arctic lakes: the MOLAR project.Battarbee, Rick; Thompson, R.; Catalán, Jordi; Grytnes, J. A.artículo
closedAccess2005High mountain lakes and atmospherically transported pollutantsBattarbee, Rick; Patrick, S.; Kernan, M.; Psenner, Roland; Thies, Hansjörg; Grimalt, Joan O.  ; Rosseland, B. O.; Wathne, B.; Catalán, Jordi; Mosello, R.; Lami, A. ; Livingstone, D.; Stuchlík, Evzen; Straskrábová, Viera; Raddum, G.capítulo de libro
closedAccess1-Feb-2004Influence of altitude and age in the accumulation of organochlorine compounds in fish from high mountain lakesVives, Ingrid; Grimalt, Joan O.  ; Catalán, Jordi; Rosseland, B. O.; Battarbee, Rickartículo
closedAccess2009Regional influence of acid deposition and climate change in European mountain lakes assessed using diatom transfer functions.Curtis, C. J.; Juggins, Steve; Clarke, G.; Battarbee, Rick; Kernan, M.; Catalán, Jordi; Thompson, R.; Posch, M.artículo