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embargoedAccessPost print eugènia 2020.pdf.jpg2020Chemical and optical properties of leachates from different riparian particulate organic matter sources influence instream microbial activityBastias, Elliot ; Ribot, Miquel ; Jonsson, Micael; Sabater, Francesc ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
openAccess2020 Ecosystems del Campo et al (floodplain leaf litter preconditioning).pdf.jpg2020Floodplain Preconditioning of Leaf Litter Modulates the Subsidy of Terrestrial C and Nutrients in Fluvial Ecosystemsdel Campo, Rubén; Martí, Eugènia ; Bastias, Elliot ; González Barberá, Gonzalo ; Sánchez-Montoya, Martía Mar; Gómez, Rosaartículo
closedAccess4-Jun-2019Leachates from Helophyte Leaf-Litter Enhance Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater Treatment Plant EffluentsRibot, Miquel ; Cochero, Joaquín; Vaessen, Timothy N. ; Bernal, Susana  ; Bastias, Elliot ; Gacia, Esperança  ; Sorolla, Albert; Sabater, Francesc ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
closedAccess2020Microbial uptake of nitrogen and carbon from the water column by litter‐associated microbes differs among litter speciesBastias, Elliot ; Ribot, Miquel ; Bernal, Susana  ; Sabater, Francesc ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
closedAccess2017Responses of microbially driven leaf litter decomposition to stream nutrients depend on litter qualityBastias, Elliot ; Ribot, Miquel ; Romaní, Anna; Mora-Gómez, J.; Sabater, Francesc ; López, Pilar; Martí, Eugènia artículo
closedAccessEugènia 2.pdf.jpg2016Small-scale heterogeneity of microbial N uptake in streams and its implications at the ecosystem levelPeipoch, Marc ; Gacia, Esperança  ; Bastias, Elliot ; Serra, Alexandra ; Proia, Lorenzo; Ribot, Miquel ; Merbt, S. ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
closedAccess2019Spatial heterogeneity in water velocity drives leaf litter dynamics in streamsBastias, Elliot ; Bolivar, Manel; Ribot, Miquel ; Peipoch, Marc ; Thomas, Steven A.; Sabater, Francesc ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Uptake and trophic transfer of nitrogen and carbon in a temperate forested headwater streamAbril, Meritxell; Bastias, Elliot ; Von Schiller, D. ; Martí, Eugènia ; Menéndez, Margarita ; Muñoz, Isabelartículo