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openAccessareblr.pdf.jpg2008Are strongly variable Seyfert 2 galaxies really AGN without a BLR?Panessa, Francesca ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Bianchi, Stefano; Barcons, Xavier  ; Bassani, Loredana; Corral, Amalia  ; Matt, Giorgiopóster de congreso
openAccessngctrue.pdf.jpg2008NGC 3147: A 'true' type 2 Seyfert galaxy without the broad-line regionBianchi, Stefano; Panessa, Francesca ; Barcons, Xavier  ; Matt, Giorgio; Bassani, Loredana; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Jiménez-Bailón, E.artículo
openAccessonXgala.pdf.jpg2006On the X-ray, optical emission line and black hole mass properties of local Seyfert galaxiesPanessa, Francesca ; Bassani, Loredana; Cappi, Massimo; Dadina, M.; Barcons, Xavier  ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Ho, L. C.; Iwasawa, K.artículo
openAccessnustarNGC.pdf.jpg2017The NuSTAR view of the true type 2 Seyfert NGC 3147Bianchi, Stefano; Marinucci, Andrea; Matt, Giorgio; Middei, Riccardo; Barcons, Xavier  ; Bassani, Loredana; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; La Franca, Fabio; Panessa, Francesca artículo
openAccessraynucle.pdf.jpg2007The X-ray and radio connection in low-luminosity active nucleiPanessa, Francesca ; Barcons, Xavier  ; Bassani, Loredana; Cappi, Massimo; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Ho, L. C.; Pellegrini, S.artículo
openAccessunabnak.pdf.jpg2009Unabsorbed Seyfert 2 galaxies: the case of 'naked' AGNPanessa, Francesca ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Bianchi, Stefano; Corral, Amalia  ; Gastaldello, F.; Barcons, Xavier  ; Bassani, Loredana; Matt, Giorgio; Monaco, Lorenzoartículo