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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Ambient sonic-spray ionization mass spectrometry for rapid monitoring of secondary oxidation products in biodieselPereira, Gustavo G.; Alberici, R. M.; Fernandes, Gabriel D.; Cunha, I. B. S.; Eberlin, M. N.; Dobarganes, M. Carmen ; Daroda, R. J.; Barrera-Arellano, Danielartículo
openAccessGrasas_Aceites_2015_V66.pdf.jpg2015Effect of temperature on the oxidation of soybean biodieselPereira, Gustavo G.; Morales, Arturo ; Marmesat, Susana ; Ruiz Méndez, Mª Victoria  ; Barrera-Arellano, Daniel; Dobarganes, M. Carmen artículo
openAccesstocofenoles.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2005The influence of natural tocopherols during thermal oxidation of refined and partially hydrogenated soybean oilsSteel, Caroline J.; Dobarganes, M. Carmen ; Barrera-Arellano, Danielartículo
openAccess2015On the Presence of Steryl Glucosides in Virgin Olive Oil and their Relationship with other Minor Compounds: Untangling the SkeinGómez-Coca, R. B.  ; Cruz-Hidalgo, Rosario; Fernandes, Gabriel D.; Barrera-Arellano, Daniel; Pérez Camino, María del Carmen  ; Moreda, Wenceslao  artículo
openAccess806.pdf.jpg30-Aug-1997A simple procedure to evaluate the performance of fats and oils at frying temperaturesBarrera-Arellano, Daniel; Márquez Ruiz, Gloria ; Dobarganes, M. Carmen artículo
openAccessJ_Braz_Chem_Soc_V25_N9_2014.pdf.jpg2014TAG, DAG and FFA profiles of dry-cured ham by easy ambient sonic-spray ionization mass spectrometry after thermal imprintingFernandes, Gabriel D.; Moreda, Wenceslao  ; Barrera-Arellano, Daniel; Ruiz, Guillerme C. N. Z.; Ferreira, P. L.; Eberlin, M. N.; Alberici, R. M.artículo