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openAccessmarinedrugs-19-00207.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2021Accelerated Solvent Extraction and Pulsed Electric Fields for Valorization of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and Sole (Dover sole) By-Products: Protein Content, Molecular Weight Distribution and Antioxidant Potential of the ExtractsWang, Min; Zhou, Jianjun; Collado, Maria Carmen; Barba, Francisco J.artículo
openAccessFood Anal Meth 2019_ 2401-2415.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2019Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Peptides Extracted from Meat By-products: a ReviewBorrajo, Paula; Pateiro, Mirian; Barba, Francisco J.; Mora, Leticia CSIC ORCID; Franco, Daniel; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel CSIC ORCID; Lorenzo, José M.artículo
openAccessTIFS 2019-86_360-374.pdf.jpg2019Application of non-invasive technologies in dry-cured ham: An overviewPérez-Santaescolástica, Crisitna; Fraeye, Ilse; Barba, Francisco J.; Gómez, Belén; Tomasevic, Igor; Romero, Alberto; Moreno, Andrés; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel CSIC ORCID; Lorenzo, J.M.artículo de revisión
openAccessEffects_Alcantara_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Effects of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction and Solvent on the Phenolic Profile, Bacterial Growth, and Anti-Inflammatory/Antioxidant Activities of Mediterranean Olive and Fig Leaves ExtractsAlcántara, Cristina CSIC; Žugčić, Tihana; Abdelkebir, Radhia; García-Pérez, José V.; Jambrak, Anet Režek; Lorenzo, José M.; Collado, María Carmen CSIC ORCID; Granato, Daniel; Barba, Francisco J.artículo
openAccessFOODRES2019-Munekata.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2019Ethnopharmacology, phytochemistry and biological activity of Erodium species: A reviewMunekata, P.E.S.; Alcántara, Cristina CSIC; Collado, María Carmen CSIC ORCID; García-Pérez, José V.; Saraiva, Jorge A.; Lopes, Rita P.; Barba, Francisco J.; do Prado Silva, Leonardo; Sant'Ana, Anderson S.; Movilla Fierro, Elena; Lorenzo, José M.artículo de revisión
openAccessOptimization_antioxidants_extraction_2018.pdf.jpg2018Optimization of antioxidants extraction from peanut skin to prevent oxidative processes during soybean oil storageFranco, Daniel; Rodríguez-Amado, I. CSIC; Agregán, Rubén; Munekata, Paulo E. S.; Vázquez, José Antonio CSIC ORCID; Barba, Francisco J.; Lorenzo, José M.artículo
embargoedAccessTIFS-2021-Wang.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2021Potential benefits of high-added-value compounds from aquaculture and fish side streams on human gut microbiotaWang, Min; Zhou, Jianjun; Selma Royo, Marta; Simal Gandara, Jesús; Collado, María Carmen CSIC ORCID; Barba, Francisco J.artículo
openAccessseparations-08-00187-v2.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2021Role of Extracts Obtained from Rainbow Trout and Sole Side Streams by Accelerated Solvent Extraction and Pulsed Electric Fields on Modulating Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory ActivitiesWang, Min; Zhou, Jianjun; Pallarés, Noelia; Bauerl, Christine; Collado, María Carmen CSIC ORCID; Dar, Basharat Nabi; Barba, Francisco J.artículo
openAccessUltrasonically_Barba_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Ultrasonically-Assisted and Conventional Extraction from Erodium Glaucophyllum Roots Using Ethanol:Water Mixtures: Phenolic Characterization, Antioxidant, and Anti-Inflammatory ActivitiesBarba, Francisco J.; Alcántara, Cristina CSIC; Abdelkebir, Radhia; Bäuerl, Christine CSIC ORCID CVN; Pérez Martínez, Gaspar CSIC ORCID ; Lorenzo, José M.; Collado, María Carmen CSIC ORCID; García-Pérez, José V.artículo