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openAccessMay-2012A piece of the puzzle: a method for comparing pollination quality and quantity across multiple species and reproductive eventsAlonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Herrera, Carlos M. CSIC ORCID; Ashman, Tia-Lynnartículo
openAccessAoB13388_revised.pdf.jpg2013Among-species differences in pollen quality and quantity limitation: Implications for endemics in biodiverse hotspotsAlonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Navarro-Fernández, Carmen M. CSIC ; Arceo-Gómez, Gerardo; Meindl, G.A.; Parra-Tabla, Víctor CSIC ORCID; Ashman, Tia-Lynnartículo
openAccess2017Delimiting plant diversity that is functionally related via interactions with diurnal pollinators: An expanded use of rarefaction curvesAlonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Arceo-Gómez, Gerardo; Meindl, G.A.; Abdala-Roberts, L.; Parra-Tabla, Víctor CSIC ORCID; Ashman, Tia-Lynnartículo
openAccessokos10.pdf.jpg2010Is reproduction of endemic plant species particularly pollen limited in biodiversity hotspots?Alonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Vamosi, J.C.; Knight, T.M.; Steets, J.A.; Ashman, Tia-Lynnartículo
openAccessmcaa012.pdf.jpg2020Pollen on stigmas as proxies of pollinator competition and facilitation: complexities, caveats and future directionsAshman, Tia-Lynn; Alonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Parra-Tabla, Víctor CSIC ORCID; Arceo-Gómez, Gerardoartículo
openAccess2021Pollen transfer networks reveal alien species as main heterospecific pollen donors with fitness consequences for nativesParra-Tabla, Víctor CSIC ORCID; Alonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Ashman, Tia-Lynn; Raguso, Robert A.; Albor, Christopher; Sosenski, P.; Carmona, Diego; Arceo-Gómez, Gerardoartículo
openAccessuntitled.pdf.jpg2019The role of alien species on plant-floral visitor network structure in invaded communitiesParra-Tabla, Víctor CSIC ORCID; Angulo-Pérez, Diego; Albor, Christopher; Campos-Navarrete, María José; Tun-Garrido, Juan; Sosenski, Paula; Alonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Ashman, Tia-Lynn; Arceo-Gómez, Gerardoartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Variation in sampling effort affects the observed richness of plant–plant interactions via heterospecific pollen transfer: implications for interpretation of pollen transfer networksArceo-Gómez, Gerardo; Alonso, Conchita CSIC ORCID; Ashman, Tia-Lynn; Parra-Tabla, Victorartículo