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openAccess3-Oct-2011A structural insight into the C-terminal RNA recognition motifs of T-cell intracellular antigen-1 proteinAroca, Ángeles ; Díaz-Quintana, Antonio; Díaz-Moreno, Irene artículo
embargoedAccessYruelaI_Plant Cell_2020.pdf.jpgOct-2020Abscisic Acid-Triggered Persulfidation of Cysteine Protease ATG4 Mediates Regulation of Autophagy by SulfideLaureano-Marín, Ana M. ; Aroca, Ángeles ; Pérez-Pérez, M. Esther; Yruela Guerrero, Inmaculada  ; Jurado-Flores, Ana; Moreno, Inmaculada; Crespo, José L.  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
openAccessMPLANT-2013-021949v2-Gotor.pdf.jpg2014Cysteine and cysteine-related signaling pathways in arabidopsis thalianaRomero, Luis C.  ; Aroca, Ángeles ; Laureano-Marín, Ana M. ; Moreno, Inmaculada; García, Irene  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
openAccessEBJO-D-11-00227 - Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2012HuR thermal stability is dependent on domain binding and upon phosphorylationScheiba, Rafael M.; Aroca, Ángeles ; Díaz-Moreno, Irene artículo
openAccesspcx056.pdf.jpg2017Hydrogen Sulfide Regulates the Cytosolic/Nuclear Partitioning of Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase by Enhancing its Nuclear Localization.Aroca, Ángeles ; Schneider, Markus; Scheibe, R.; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
openAccessAroca et al-2018-fpls-09.pdf.jpg2018Hydrogen Sulfide Signaling in Plants: Emerging Roles of Protein PersulfidationAroca, Ángeles ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
openAccessGotor.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2020Hydrogen Sulfide: From a Toxic Molecule to a Key Molecule of Cell LifeAroca, Ángeles ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Bassham, Diane C.; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
embargoedAccessYruelaI_PNAS-Suppl_2021.pdf.jpgMay-2021Persulfidation of ATG18a regulates autophagy under ER stress in ArabidopsisAroca, Ángeles ; Yruela Guerrero, Inmaculada  ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Bassham, Diane C.artículo
openAccesswatermark.pdf.jpg2017Persulfidation proteome reveals the regulation of protein function by hydrogen sulfide in diverse biological processes in ArabidopsisAroca, Ángeles ; Benito, Juan M. ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
openAccessJ. Biol. Chem.-2013-Cruz-Gallardo-jbc.M113.489070.pdf.jpg2013RNA binding of T-cell intracellular antigen-1 (TIA-1) C-terminal RNA recognition motif is modified by pH conditionsCruz-Gallardo, Isabel ; Aroca, Ángeles ; Persson, Cecilia; Karlsson, B. Göran; Díaz-Moreno, Irene artículo
openAccess26_2_merged_1426872110.pdf.jpg2015S-Sulfhydration: A Cysteine Posttranslational Modification in Plant SystemsAroca, Ángeles ; Serna, Antonio; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
openAccessJEXBOT-2019-248336v3-Gotor.pdf.jpg2019Signaling by hydrogen sulfide and cyanide through post-translational modificationGotor, Cecilia  ; Aroca, Ángeles ; Laureano-Marín, Ana M. ; Arenas-Alfonseca, Lucía ; Jurado-Flores, Ana; Moreno, Inmaculada; Romero, Luis C.  artículo de periódico
openAccesse.Proofing.pdf.jpg2015Signaling in the plant cytosol: cysteine or sulfide?Gotor, Cecilia  ; Laureano-Marín, Ana M. ; Moreno, Inmaculada; Aroca, Ángeles ; García, Irene  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
openAccess2014The binding of TIA-1 to RNA C-rich sequences is driven by its C-terminal RRM domainCruz-Gallardo, Isabel ; Aroca, Ángeles ; Gunzburg, Menachen J.; Sivakumaran, Andrew; Yoon, Je-Hyun; Angulo, Jesús ; Persson, Cecilia; Gorospe, Myriam; Karlsson, B. Göran; Wilce, Jaqueline A.; Díaz-Moreno, Irene artículo
openAccessAbstract proofreading.pdf.jpgApr-2020The Role of Sulfide in Reticulophagy through the Regulation of ATG18a by PersulfidationAroca, Ángeles ; Bassham, Diane C.artículo