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openAccessSchimmel 2013 Journal of Geophysical Research 118 4312.pdf.jpg2013Detection of microseismic compressional (P) body waves aided by numerical modeling of oceanic noise sourcesObrebski, M.; Ardhuin, F.; Stutzmann, E.; Schimmel, Martin  artículo
openAccessSchimmel 2013 G3 14 12 .pdf.jpg2013Frequency-dependent noise sources in the North Atlantic OceanSergeant, A.; Stutzmann, E.; Maggi, A.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Ardhuin, F.; Obrebski, M.artículo
openAccessSchimmel 2012 GRL 39 1L11601grl29247.pdf.jpg2012How moderate sea states can generate loud seismic noise in the deep oceanObrebski, M.; Ardhuin, F.; Stutzmann, E.; Schimmel, Martin  artículo
openAccessSchimmel 2012 GJI 191 707.pdf.jpg2012Modelling long-term seismic noise in various environmentsStutzmann, E.; Ardhuin, F.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Mangeney, A.; Patau, G.artículo
openAccessSchimmel Geophys._J._Int.-2013-Gualtieri-1732-45.pdf.jpg2013Modelling secondary microseismic noise by normal mode summationGualtieri, L.; Stutzmann, E.; Capdeville, Yann; Ardhuin, F.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Mangeney, A.; Morelli, A.artículo
openAccessSchimmel 2014 Geophys J Int 197 1096–1106.pdf.jpgMar-2014Modelling the ocean site effect on seismic noise body wavesGualtieri, L.; Stutzmann, E.; Farra, V.; Capdeville, Yann; Schimmel, Martin  ; Ardhuin, F.; Morelli, A.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2017Monitoring global ocean wave activity with a single seismic networkStutsman, E.; Meschede, M.; Farra, V.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Ardhuin, F.comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2015Monitoring storms from seismic noise body wavesStutzmann, E.; Farra, V.; Gualteri, L.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Ardhuin, F.comunicación de congreso
openAccessGallart_Geochemistry,_Geophysics,_Geosystems_12_7_1.pdf.jpg2011Polarized Earth's ambient microseismic noiseSchimmel, Martin  ; Stutzmann, E.; Ardhuin, F.; Gallart Muset, Josep artículo
openAccessSchimmel_Geophysical_journal_International_206_1730.pdf.jpg2016Ray-theoretical modeling of secondary microseism P wavesFarra, V.; Stutzmann, E.; Gualtieri, L.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Ardhuin, F.artículo
openAccessSchimmel_Journal_of_Geophysical_Research__Solid_Earth.pdf.jpgNov-2017The Effect of Water Column Resonance on the Spectra of Secondary Microseism P WavesMeschede, M.; Stutzmann, E.; Farra, V.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Ardhuin, F.artículo