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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg24-May-2008CdS plume composition and dynamics of neutral species upon ablation with 532 nm laser lightAlvarez-Ruiz, J. CSIC; López-Arias, M.; Nalda, R. de; Martín Muñoz, Margarita CSICartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Dissociative photoionization of the NO molecule studied by photoelectron-photon coincidence techniqueKivimäki, A.; Alvarez-Ruiz, J. CSIC; Coreno, M.; Simone, M. de; Moise, A.; Partanen, L.; Richter, R.; Stankiewicz, M.artículo
closedAccessFemtosecond Transition-State.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2008Femtosecond transition-state imaging of the A-Band CH3I photodissociationDurá, J. CSIC; de Nalda, R. CSIC ORCID; Alvarez-Ruiz, J. CSIC; Izquierdo, J.G.; Amaral, G.A.; Bañares, L.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Generation of CdS clusters using laser ablation: The role of wavelength and fluenceAlvarez-Ruiz, J. CSIC; López-Arias, M.; Nalda, R. de; Martín Muñoz, Margarita CSIC; Arregui, Andrés; Bañares, L.artículo
openAccessSF5CF3_molecule.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2010S 2p photoabsorption of the SF5CF3 molecule: experiment, theory and comparison with SF6Kivimäki, A.; Alvarez-Ruiz, J. CSIC; Coreno, M.; Stankiewicz, M.; Fronzoni, G.; Stener, M.; Decleva, P.artículo
openAccessfive azabenzenes.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2008The C 1s and N 1s near edge x-ray absorption fine structure spectra of five azabenzenes in the gas phaseVall-Llosera, G.; Gao, B.; Kivimäki, A.; Coreno, M.; Alvarez-Ruiz, J. CSIC; de Simone, Monica; Ågren, H.; Rachlew, E.artículo
openAccesscarbon_dioxide_molecules.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2009UV-visible emission as a probe of core excitations applied to the furan and carbon dioxide moleculesKivimäki, A.; Coreno, M.; Alvarez-Ruiz, J. CSIC; De Simone, M.; Dampc, M.; Zubek, M.comunicación de congreso