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openAccessAlonsoMA_AnmDia1-INF2ForminActivation.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2016An mDia1-INF2 formin activation cascade facilitated by IQGAP1 regulates stable microtubules in migrating cellsBartolini, Francesca; Andrés-Delgado, Laura ; Qu, Xiaoyi; Nik, Sara; Ramalingam, Nagendran; Kremer, Lenor; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Gundersen, Gregg G.artículo
openAccessJaimeMillan_Apicobasal_Polarity.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2014Apicobasal polarity controls lymphocyte adhesion to hepatic epithelial cellsReglero-Real, Natalia ; Álvarez-Varela, Adrián; Marcos Ramiro, Beatriz ; Fernández Martín, Laura ; Sandoval, Pilar ; Correas, Isabel ; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Millán, Jaime artículo
openAccessBiogenesis and Function of T Cell-Derived Exosomes.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2016Biogenesis and Function of T Cell-Derived ExosomesVentimiglia, Leandro ; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessMillánJ_Caveolin-1αregulates.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2019Caveolin-1α regulates primary cilium length by controlling RhoA GTPase activityRangel, Laura ; Bernabé-Rubio, Miguel ; Fernández-Barrera, Jaime ; Casares-Arias, Javier ; Millán, Jaime ; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Correas, Isabel artículo
openAccessF_Martin_Belmonte_Cell_confinement.pdf.jpg2012Cell confinement controls centrosome positioning and lumen initiation during epithelial morphogenesisRodríguez-Fraticelli, Alejo E. ; Auzan, Muriel; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Bornens, Michel; Martín-Belmonte, Fernando artículo
openAccessMA_Alosno_Front_Immunol.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2013Centrosome polarization in T cells: A task for forminsAndrés-Delgado, Laura ; Antón, Olga M. ; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessMAAlonso_MolBiolCell_3751.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2009Clustering and Lateral Concentration of Raft Lipids by the MAL ProteinGoldstein Magal, Lee; Yaffe, Yakie; Shepshelovich, Jeanne; Aranda, Juan Francisco ; Hirschberg, Koret; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Marco, M. Carmen de ; Gaus, Katharinaartículo
openAccess2015Cutting edge: Regulation of exosome secretion by the integral MAL protein in T cellsVentimiglia, Leandro ; Fernández Martín, Laura ; Martínez-Alonso, Emma; Antón, Olga M. ; Guerra, Milagros ; Martínez-Menárguez, José A.; Andrés, Germán ; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessMartín Belmonte F Developmental regulation.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2015Developmental regulation of apical endocytosis controls epithelial patterning in vertebrate tubular organsRodríguez-Fraticelli, Alejo E. ; Bosch-Fortea, Minnerva; Reglero-Real, Natalia ; García-León, María J. ; Toribio, María Luisa ; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Millán, J. ; Bagnat, Michel; Martín-Belmonte, Fernando artículo
closedAccess23-Dec-2010Formin INF2 regulates MAL-mediated transport of Lck to the plasma membrane of human T lymphocytesAndrés-Delgado, Laura ; Antón, Olga M. ; Madrid, Ricardo ; Byrne, Jennifer A; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessAlonsoMA_NEJM_2377.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2011INF2 Mutations in Charcot–Marie–Tooth Disease with GlomerulopathyBoyer, Olivia; Nevo, Phabien; Plaisier, Emmanuelle; Funalot, Benoit; Gribouval, Olivier; Benoit, Geneviève; Huynh Cong, Evelyne; Arrondel, Christelle; Tete, Marie-Josèphe; Montjean, Rodrick; Richard, Laurence; Karras, Alexandre; Pouteil-Noble, Claire; Balafrej, Leila; Bonnardeaux, Alain; Canaud, Guillaume; Charasse, Christophe; Dantal, Jacques; Deschenes, Georges; Deteix, Christophe; Dubourg, Odile; Petiot, Philippe; Pouthier, Dominique; Leguern, Eric; Guiochon-Mantel, Anne; Broutin, Isabelle; Gubler, Marie-Claire; Saunier, Sophie; Ronco, Pierre; Vallat, Jean-Michel; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Antignac, Corienne; Mollet, Géraldineartículo
openAccessMA_Alonso_INF2.pdf.jpg2012INF2 promotes the formation of detyrosinated microtubules necessary for centrosome reorientation in T cellsAndrés-Delgado, Laura ; Antón, Olga M. ; Bartolini, Francesca; Ruiz-Sáenz, Ana ; Correas, Isabel ; Gundersen, Gregg G.; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessMAAlonso_MolBioCell_1869.pdf.jpg2001An Intact Dilysine-like Motif in the Carboxyl Terminus of MAL Is Required for Normal Apical Transport of the Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin Cargo Protein in Epithelial Madin-Darby Canine Kidney CellsPuertollano, Rosa; Martínez-Menárguez, José A.; Batista, Alicia; Ballesta, José; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccesscbm.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2008An internal ribosome entry site element directs the synthesis of the 80 kDa isoforms of protein 4.1RLospitao, Eva Pilar; Pérez-Ferreiro, Carmen; Gosálbez, Altea; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Correas, Isabel artículo
closedAccess1-Feb-2002Lipid rafts mediate biosynthetic transport to the T lymphocyte uropod subdomain and are necessary for uropod integrity and functionMillán, Jaime ; Montoya, María C.; Sancho, David; Sánchez-Madrid, Francisco; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessMA_Alonso_MAL facilitates.pdf.jpg2012MAL facilitates the incorporation of exocytic uroplakin-delivering vesicles into the apical membrane of urothelial umbrella cellsZhou, Ge; Alonso, Miguel A. ; Sun, Tung-Tienartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg25-May-2011MAL Protein Controls Protein Sorting at the Supramolecular Activation Cluster of Human T LymphocytesAntón, Olga M. ; Andrés-Delgado, Laura ; Reglero-Real, Natalia ; Batista, Alicia; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessMartín-Belmonte_MolBiolCell_2033.pdf.jpg2000The MAL proteolipid is necessary for the overall apical delivery of membrane proteins in the polarized epithelial Madin-Darby canine kidney and Fischer rat thyroid cell linesMartín-Belmonte, Fernando ; Puertollano, Rosa; Millán, Jaime ; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessRPuertollano_MolBiolCell_3435.pdf.jpg1999MAL, an integral element of the apical sorting machinery, is an itinerant protein that cycles between the trans-Golgi network and the plasma membranePuertollano, Rosa; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessCasaresiScience2020_SI.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2020Midbody Remnant Inheritance Is Regulated by the ESCRT Subunit CHMP4CCasares-Arias, Javier ; González Sagardoy, María Ujué  ; San Paulo, Álvaro ; Ventimiglia, Leandro ; Sadler, Jessica B.A.; Míguez, David G. ; Labat-de-Hoz, Leticia; Rubio-Ramos, Armando; Rangel, Laura ; Bernabé-Rubio, Miguel ; Fernández-Barrera, Jaime ; Correas, Isabel ; Martín-Serrano, Juan; Alonso, Miguel A. artículo