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openAccessExper. Mol. Pathol. 2017.pdf.jpg23-Aug-20175-gene differential expression predicts stability of human intestinal allograftsTalayero, Paloma; Alonso, Lola; Padilla, Guillermo ; Artaza-Álvarez, Haydeé; García de Lacoba, Mario ; Paz-Artal, EstelaArtículo
openAccess13068_2017_Article_844.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2017Differential β-glucosidase expression as a function of carbon source availability in Talaromyces amestolkiae: a genomic and proteomic approachEugenio, Laura I. de; Méndez-Líter, Juan A.; Nieto-Domínguez, Manuel José ; Alonso, Lola; Gil Muñoz, Jesús ; Barriuso, Jorge ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Martínez, María Jesús Artículo
openAccessRNA-2015-García-López-rna.048215.114.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2015Diversity and functional convergence of small noncoding RNAs in male germ cell differentiation and fertilizationGarcía-López, Jesús; Alonso, Lola; Cárdenas, David B.; Artaza-Álvarez, Haydeé; Hourcade, Juan D.; Martínez, Sergio; Brieño-Enríquez, Miguel A.; Del Mazo, Jesús  Artículo
openAccessGarcía-López et al _2014_BBA-GeneRegulatMech.pdf.jpgJun-2014Global characterization and target identification of piRNAs and endo-siRNAs in mouse gametes and zygotesGarcía-López, Jesús; Hourcade, Juan D.; Alonso, Lola; Cárdenas, David B.; Del Mazo, Jesús  Artículo
openAccessDíaz-Martínez_Cancer Research_2018.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2018miR-204-5p and miR-211-5p contribute to BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanomaDíaz-Martínez, Marta; Benito-Jardón, Lucía; Alonso, Lola; Koetz-Ploch, Lisa; Hernando, Eva; Teixidó, Joaquín Artículo
openAccessOncoscience_Díaz Martínez_2018.pdf.jpgSep-2018Reply to: Biological role of miR-204 and miR-211 in melanoma (published in Oncoscience, Vol 5 (7-8), July 2018)Díaz-Martínez, Marta; Benito-Jardón, Lucía; Alonso, Lola; Teixidó, Joaquín Artículo