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openAccess1297-9716-44-104.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2013A novel porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus vector system that stably expresses enhanced green fluorescent protein as a separate transcription unitWang, Chengbao; Huang, Baicheng; Kong, Ning; Li, Qiongyi; Ma, Yuping; Li, Zhijun; Gao, Jiming; Zhang, Chong; Wang, Xiangpeng; Liang, Chao; Dang, Lu; Xiao, Shuqi; Mu, Yang; Zhao, Qin; Sun, Yani; Almazán, Fernando; Enjuanes, Luis; Zhou, En-Minartículo
closedAccess1993African swine fever virus encodes a CD2 homolog responsible for the adhesion of erythrocytes to infected cellsRodríguez, Javier M. ; Yáñez, R. J.; Almazán, Fernando; Viñuela, Eladio; Rodríguez, José F.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2000African swine fever virus EP153R open reading frame encodes a glycoprotein involved in the hemadsorption of infected cellsGalindo, Inés; Almazán, Fernando; Bustos, Maria José; Viñuela, Eladio; Carrascosa, Ángel L.artículo
openAccessviruses-10-00547-v2.pdf.jpg7-Oct-2018An Alanine-to-Valine Substitution in the Residue 175 of Zika Virus NS2A Protein Affects Viral RNA Synthesis and Attenuates the Virus In VivoMárquez-Jurado, Silvia; Nogales, Aitor; Ávila-Pérez, Ginés; Iborra, Francisco J.; Martínez-Sobrido, Luis; Almazán, Fernandoartículo
openAccessGerman_Andres_Engineering_a_replication.pdf.jpg2013Engineering a replication-competent, propagation-defective middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus as a vaccine candidateAlmazán, Fernando; Dediego, M. Luisa; Sola, Isabel; Zúñiga, Sonia; Nieto-Torres, José Luis; Andrés, Germán ; Enjuanes, Luisartículo
openAccessviruses-11-00258.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2019New Advances on Zika Virus ResearchMartínez-Sobrido, Luis; Almazán, Fernandoartículo
openAccessviruses-10-00597.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2018Reverse Genetic Approaches for the Generation of Recombinant Zika VirusÁvila-Pérez, Ginés; Nogales, Aitor; Martín, Verónica; Almazán, Fernando; Martínez-Sobrido, Luisartículo
openAccessRole_transcription_regulatory_sequence.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2017Role of transcription regulatory sequence in regulation of gene expression and replication of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virusWang, Chengbao; Almazán, Fernando; Solá Gurpegui, Isabel; Enjuanes Sánchez, Luis; Abrahamyan, Levonartículo
openAccessTranscriptional_analysis_multigene_family.pdf.jpgNov-1992Transcriptional analysis of multigene family 110 of African swine fever virusAlmazán, Fernando; Rodríguez, Javier M. ; Andrés, Germán ; Pérez Sánchez, Ricardo  ; Viñuela, Eladio; Rodríguez, José F.artículo