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openAccessindustrial nanocomposites.pdf.jpg2015A high-temperature dielectric process as a probe of large-scale silica filler structure in simplified industrial nanocompositesBaeza, Guilhem P.; Oberdisse, Julian; Alegría, Ángel ; Couty, Marc; Genix, A. C.artículo
closedAccess2010Accelerated physical aging in PMMA/silica nanocompositesBoucher, Virginie M. ; Cangialosi, Daniele  ; Alegría, Ángel ; Colmenero de León, Juan ; González-Irun, Juan; Liz-Marzán, Luis Manuelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Accounting for the thickness dependence of the Tg in supported PS films via the volume holes diffusion modelBoucher, Virginie M. ; Cangialosi, Daniele  ; Alegría, Ángel ; Colmenero de León, Juan artículo
openAccessadampress.pdf.jpg2007Adam-Gibbs based model to describe the single component dynamics in miscible polymer blends under hydrostatic pressureSchwartz, G. A. ; Alegría, Ángel ; Colmenero de León, Juan artículo
openAccesshigher eigenmodes.pdf.jpg2014AFM based dielectric spectroscopy: Extended frequency range through excitation of cantilever higher eigenmodesMiccio, Luis A.; Kummali, Mohammed M.; Schwartz, G. A. ; Alegría, Ángel ; Colmenero de León, Juan artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018An insight into the anionic ring-opening polymerization with tetrabutylammonium azide for the generation of pure cyclic poly(glycidyl phenyl ether)Ochs, Jordan; Veloso, Antonio; Martínez-Tong, Daniel E. ; Alegría, Ángel ; Barroso-Bujans, Fabienne artículo
openAccessbifidobacterium_pseudocatenulatum_Mayo.pdf.jpgOct-2014Análisis genómico de Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum IPLA 36007, aislado intestinal humano capaz de activar isoflavonas de sojaMayo Pérez, Baltasar ; Alegría, Ángel ; Guadamuro, Lucía ; Flórez García, Ana Belén ; Delgado, Susana póster de congreso
openAccessAnomalous-molecular-weight.pdf.jpg2012Anomalous molecular weight dependence of chain dynamics in unentangled polymer blends with strong dynamic asymmetryArrese-Igor, Silvia  ; Alegría, Ángel ; Moreno Segurado, Ángel J. ; Colmenero de León, Juan artículo
openAccessAntibiotic Susceptibility-Florez.PDF.jpg4-Jan-2016Antibiotic susceptibility profiles of dairy leuconostoc, analysis of the genetic basis of atypical resistances and transfer of genes in vitro and in a food matrixFlórez García, Ana Belén ; Campedelli, Ilenia; Delgado, Susana ; Alegría, Ángel ; Salvetti, Elisa; Felis, Giovanna E.; Mayo Pérez, Baltasar ; Torriani, Sandraartículo
openAccessMichelin.pdf.jpg2018Applying polymer blend dynamics concepts to a simplified industrial system. A combined effort by dielectric spectroscopy and neutron scatteringGambino, Thomas; Alegría, Ángel ; Arbe, Arantxa ; Colmenero de León, Juan ; Malicki, Nicolas; Dronet, Séverin; Schnell, Benoît; Lohstroh, Wiebke; Nemkovski, Kirillartículo
openAccessassessment_microbial_Alegria.pdf.jpgMar-2011Assessment of microbial populations dynamics in a blue cheese by culturing and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresisAlegría, Ángel ; González, Renata; Díaz Fernández, José Mario; Mayo Pérez, Baltasar artículo
openAccessRevisedManuscript.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2010Bacteriocins produced by wild Lactococcus lactis strains isolated from traditional, starter-free cheeses made of raw milkAlegría, Ángel ; Delgado, Susana ; Roces, Clara ; López, Belén; Mayo Pérez, Baltasar artículo
openAccessBDSarchi.pdf.jpg2018BDS as an analytical tool for the analysis of polyethers with different architecturesMartínez-Tong, Daniel E. ; Ochs, Jordan; Alegría, Ángel ; Barroso-Bujans, Fabienne póster de congreso
openAccessbiodiversity_Oscypek_Alegria.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2012Biodiversity in Oscypek, a traditional Polish Cheese, determined by culture-dependent and -independent approachesAlegría, Ángel ; Mayo Pérez, Baltasar artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Blue CheeseMayo Pérez, Baltasar ; Alonso López, Leocadio ; Alegría, Ángel capítulo de libro
closedAccess23-Jan-2008Broadband dielectric investigation on poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) and its water mixturesCerveny, Silvina  ; Alegría, Ángel ; Colmenero de León, Juan artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Broadband dielectric spectroscopic, calorimetric, and FTIR-ATR investigations of D-arabinose aqueous solutionsSingh, L. P.; Cerveny, Silvina  ; Alegría, Ángel ; Colmenero de León, Juan artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Broadband dielectric spectroscopy and calorimetric investigations of d-lyxoseSingh, L. P.; Alegría, Ángel ; Colmenero de León, Juan artículo
openAccessbroadynam.pdf.jpg2020Broadband dielectric spectroscopy study of biobased poly(alkylene 2,5-furanoate)s’ molecular dynamicsSoccio, Michelina ; Martínez-Tong, Daniel E. ; Guidotti, Giulia; Robles-Hernández, Beatriz; Munari, Andrea; Lotti, Nadia; Alegría, Ángel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2019Broadband dielectric spectroscopy to validate architectural features in Type-A polymers: Revisiting the poly(glycidyl phenyl ether) caseMartínez-Tong, Daniel E. ; Ochs, Jordan; Barroso-Bujans, Fabienne ; Alegría, Ángel artículo