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openAccessamphibia-reptilia.pdf.jpg2008Extreme reduction in body size and reproductive output associated with sandy substrates in two anuran speciesMarangoni, Federico; Tejedo, Miguel ; Gómez-Mestre, Iván artículo
openAccessecology.pdf.jpg2002Geographic variation in asymmetric competition: A case study with two larval anuran speciesGómez-Mestre, Iván ; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessjherp.09.pdf.jpg2009Growth-Mark Formation and Chronology of Two Neotropical Anuran SpeciesMarangoni, Federico; Schaefer, E.; Cajade, R.; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessplos.pdf.jpg2019Infection with Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis lowers heat tolerance of tadpole hosts and cannot be cleared by brief exposure to CTmaxFernández-Loras, Andrés; Boyero, Luz ; Correa-Araneda, Francisco; Tejedo, Miguel ; Hettyey, Attila; Bosch, Jaime  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Integration of molecular, bioacoustical and morphological data reveals two new cryptic species of Pelodytes (Anura, Pelodytidae) from the Iberian PeninsulaDíaz-Rodríguez, Jesús; Gehara, Marcelo; Márquez, Rafael  ; Vences, Miguel; Gonçalves, Helena; Sequeira, Fernando; Martínez-Solano, Íñigo  ; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccess1992Large male mating advantage in natterjack toads, Bufo calamita: Sexual selection or energetic constraints?Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessevol.03.pdf.jpg2003Local adaptation of an anuran amphibian to osmotically stressful environmentsGómez-Mestre, Iván ; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessAnuraPelodytidae.pdf.jpg2015Molecular evidence for cryptic candidate species in Iberian Pelodytes (Anura, Pelodytidae)Díaz-Rodríguez, Jesús; Gonçalves, Helena; Sequeira, Fernando; Sousa-Neves, Tiago; Tejedo, Miguel ; Ferrand, Nuno; Martínez-Solano, Íñigo  artículo
openAccessVences_Discoglossus_phylogeography_AMRE_2014_Tejedo_.pdf.jpg2014New insights on phylogeography and distribution of painted frogs (Discoglossus) in northern Africa and the Iberian PeninsulaVences, Miguel; de Pous, Philip; Nicolas, Violaine; Díaz-Rodríguez, Jesús; Donaire-Barroso, David; Hugemann, Karen; Hauswaldt, J. Susanne; Amat, Fèlix; Barnestein, Juan A.M.; Bogaerts, Sergé; Bouazza, Abdellah; Carranza, Salvador  ; Galán, Pedro; González de la Vega, Juan Pablo; Joger, Ulrich; Lansari, Aziza; El Mouden, El Hassan; Ohler, Annemarie; Sanuy, Delfi; Slimani, T.; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessscientfic reports.pdf.jpg2020Niche models at interand intraspecific levels reveal hierarchical niche differentiation in midwife toadsRodríguez-Rodríguez, Eduardo J.; Beltrán, Juan F.; Tejedo, Miguel ; Nicieza, Alfredo G.; Llusia, Diego; Márquez, Rafael  ; Aragón, Pedroartículo
openAccessbasicaplecol.pdf.jpg2010Nonlethal injury caused by an invasive alien predator and its consequences for an anuran tadpoleNunes, Ana L.; Cruz, María J.; Tejedo, Miguel ; Laurila, Anssi; Rebelo, Ruiartículo
openAccessamphibia-reptilia.pdf2010.pdf.jpg2010On the occurrence of facultative paedomorphosis in the three newt species of Southern Iberian Peninsula (Amphibia, Salamandridae)Ceacero, Francisco ; Donaire-Barroso, David; García-Muñoz, E.; Beltrán, Juan F.; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccess277-307-1-PB.pdf.jpg2002Osteological differentiation among Iberian Pelodytes (Anura, Pelodytidae).Sanchiz, Borja  ; Tejedo, Miguel ; Sánchez-Herráiz, María Jesús artículo
openAccesschemosfere.pdf.jpg2009Populational divergence in the impact of three nitrogenous compounds and their combination on larvae of the frog Pelophylax perezi (Seoane, 1885)Egea-Serrano, A.; Tejedo, Miguel ; Torralva, Marartículo
openAccessWO2011148019A1.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2011Portable thermal bathTejedo, Miguel solicitud de patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2006Predation by an exotic crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, on Natterjack Toad, Bufo calamita, embryos: Its role on the exclusion of this amphibian from its breeding pondsCruz, María J.; Pascoal, S.; Tejedo, Miguel ; Rebelo, Ruiartículo
openAccessj.zool.pdf.jpg2010Proximate mechanisms determining size variability in natterjack toadsSinsch, U.; Marangoni, Federico; Oromi, Neus; Leskovar, C.; Sanuy, Delfi; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessJ.evol.97.pdf.jpg1997Reaction norms for metamorphic traits in natterjack toads to larval density and pond durationReques, Ricardo; Tejedo, Miguel artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0098265.pdf.jpg2014Swimming with Predators and Pesticides: How Environmental Stressors Affect the Thermal Physiology of TadpolesKatzenberger, Marco ; Hammond, John; Duarte, Helder ; Tejedo, Miguel ; Calabuig, Cecilia P. ; Relyea, Rickartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJun-2016Testing the climate variability hypothesis in thermal tolerance limits of tropical and temperate tadpolesGutiérrez Pesquera, Luis M.; Tejedo, Miguel ; Olalla-Tárraga, M. A.; Duarte, Helder ; Nicieza, A.; Solé, M.artículo