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openAccessGlobal maps.pdf.jpg2013Global maps of science based on the new Web-of-Science categoriesLeydesdorf, Loet; Carley, Stephen; Rafols, Ismael Artículo
openAccessHow_journal_rankings_can_suppress_interdisciplinary_research_a_comparison_between_Innovation_Studies_and_ Business_ &_ Management.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2012How journal rankings can suppress interdisciplinary research: A comparison between Innovation Studies and Business & ManagementRafols, Ismael ; Leydesdorf, Loet; O'Hare, Alice; Nightingale, Paul; Stirling, AndyArtículo
openAccessfitmapity.pdf.jpg2017Improving fitness: Mapping research priorities against societal needs on obesityCassi, Lorenzo; Lahatte, Agénor; Rafols, Ismael ; Sautier, Pierre; Turckheim, Elisabeth deArtículo
openAccessTowards indicators.pdf.jpg2013Indicadores para la apertura de las políticas de ciencia y tecnologíaRafols, Ismael ; Ciarli, Tommaso; Zwanenberg, Paddy van; Stirling, AndyComunicación de congreso
openAccessevaluative bibliometrics.pdf.jpg2013Individual-level evaluative bibliometrics - the politics of its use and abuseGlänzel, Wolfgang; Gläser, Jochen; Rafols, Ismael ; Wouters, PaulComunicación de congreso
openAccessUS Patent.pdf.jpg2014Interactive overlay maps for US patent (USPTO) data based on International Patent Classification (IPC)Leydesdorf, Loet; Kushnir, Duncan; Rafols, Ismael Artículo
openAccessInteractive Overlay Maps.pdf.jpg2013Interactive overlay maps for US patent (USPTO) data based on international patent classifications (IPC)Leydesdorf, Loet; Kushnir, Duncan; Rafols, Ismael Comunicación de congreso
openAccessInteractive overlays.pdf.jpg2013Interactive overlays of journals and the measurement of interdisciplinarity on the basis of aggregated journal-journal citationsLeydesdorf, Loet; Rafols, Ismael ; Chen, ChaomeiArtículo
openAccessdeveloping country.pdf.jpg2014Interdisciplinarity and research on local issues: evidence from a developing countryChavarro, Diego; Tang, Puay; Rafols, Ismael Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Interdisciplinary research: what it is, why it matters, and how it can be measuredRafols, Ismael Comunicación de congreso
openAccess2014Knowledge integration and diffusion: Measures and mapping of diversity and coherenceRafols, Ismael Capítulo de libro
openAccessel caso de Colombia.pdf.jpg2013La investigación interdisciplinaria y la producción de conocimiento de temas locales: el caso de ColombiaChavarro, Diego; Tang, Puay; Rafols, Ismael Presentación
openAccessobesity.pdf.jpg2015Looking for a better shape: societal demand and scientific research supply on obesityCassi, Lorenzo; Rafols, Ismael ; Sautier, Pierre; Turckheim, Elisabeth deComunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Mapping societal needs into research trajectories in agriculture and health: Results from three exploratory studiesCassi, Lorenzo; Ciarli, Tommaso; Rafols, Ismael ; Sautier, Pierre; Turckheim, Elisabeth deComunicación de congreso
openAccessMapping the De Facto Governance.pdf.jpg2013Mapping the de facto governance in the case of emerging science and technologiesRotolo, Daniele; Rafols, Ismael ; Hopkins, Michael M.; Leydesdorf, LoetComunicación de congreso
openAccessmappriceprio.pdf.jpg2016Mapping the evolution of rice research. Relation to priorities?Ciarli, Tommaso; Rafols, Ismael Póster
openAccessMoRRI-OECD-RRI.pdf.jpg2016Monitoring the evolution and benefits of responsible research and Innovation (MoRRI) – a preliminary framework for RRI dimensions & indicatorsMeijer, Ingeborg; Mejlgaard, Niels; Woolley, Richard ; Rafols, Ismael ; Wroblewski, AngelaComunicación de congreso
openAccessMoRRISTIdim.pdf.jpg2016Monitoring the evolution and benefits of responsible research and innovation (MoRRI) - a preliminary framework for measuring RRI dimensionsMejlgaard, Niels; Meijer, Ingeborg; Rafols, Ismael ; Woolley, Richard ; Wroblewski, AngelaComunicación de congreso
openAccessRelationship.pdf.jpg2014On the relationship between interdisciplinarity and impact: different modalities of interdisciplinarity lead to different types of impactMolas Gallart, Jordi ; Rafols, Ismael ; Tang, PuayArtículo
openAccessrelatiSTIresear.pdf.jpg2016On the relationship between research topics and scientific impact: a study of edible animal researchCastelló-Cogollos, Lourdes; Aleixandre-Benavent, Rafael ; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo ; Rafols, Ismael Comunicación de congreso