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openAccessacsomega.8b03004.pdf.jpg2019Cu-doped extremely small iron oxide nanoparticles with large longitudinal relaxivity: One-pot synthesis and in vivo targeted molecular imagingFernández-Barahona, Irene; Gutiérrez, Lucía ; Veintemillas-Verdaguer, S.  ; Pellico, Juan; Morales, M. P.  ; Catala, Mauro; Pozo, Miguel A. del; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesús; Herranz, Fernando artículo
openAccessfast_synthesis_bioconjugation_morales_2016.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2016Fast synthesis and bioconjugation of 68Ga core-doped extremely small iron oxide nanoparticles for PET/MR imagingPellico, Juan; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesús; Saiz-Alía, Marina; Rosario, Gilberto del; Caja, Sergio; Montoya, María ; Fernández de Manuel, Laura; Morales, M. P.  ; Gutiérrez, Lucía ; Galiana, Beatriz ; Enríquez, José A.; Herranz, Fernando artículo
openAccessinorganics-08-00028.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2020Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: An Alternative for Positive Contrast in Magnetic Resonance ImagingFernández-Barahona, Irene; Muñoz-Hernando, María; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesús; Herranz, Fernando ; Pellico, Juanartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017One-step fast synthesis of nanoparticles for MRI: coating chemistry as the key variable determining positive or negative contrastPellico, Juan; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesús; Fernández-Barahona, Irene; Gutiérrez, Lucía ; Lechuga-Vieco, Ana V.; Enríquez, Jose A.; Morales, M. P.  ; Herranz, Fernando artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2016Recent advances in the preparation and application of multifunctional iron oxide and liposome-based nanosystems for multimodal diagnosis and therapyMarciello, Marzia ; Pellico, Juan; Fernandez-Barahona, Irene; Herranz, Fernando ; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesus; Filice, Marco artículo
openAccessNanoscale 2020.pdf.jpg2020Thrombo-tag, an: In vivo formed nanotracer for the detection of thrombi in mice by fast pre-targeted molecular imagingAdrover, Jose M.; Pellico, Juan; Fernández-Barahona, Irene; Martin-Salamanca, Sandra; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesús; Hidalgo, Andrés; Herranz, Fernando artículo
openAccessunambigous.pdf.jpg2019Unambiguous detection of atherosclerosis by pretargeted molecular imagingFernández-Barahona, Irene; Gutiérrez, Lucía ; Pellico, Juan; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesús; Herranz, Fernando comunicación de congreso
openAccessunambigunano.pdf.jpg2019Unambiguous detection of atherosclerosis using bioorthogonal nanomaterialsPellico, Juan; Fernández-Barahona, Irene; Benito, Marina; Gaitán-Simón, Ángel; Gutiérrez, Lucía ; Ruiz-Cabello, Jesús; Herranz, Fernando artículo