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openAccessGarcía et al..pdf.jpg2016Efficient stereoselective synthesis of 2-acetamido-1,2- dideoxyallonojirimycin (DAJNAc) and sp2-iminosugar conjugates: Novel hexosaminidase inhibitors with discrimination capabilities between the mature and precursor forms of the enzymeFuente, Alex de la; Rísquez-Cuadro, Rocio; Verdaguer, Xavier; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Nanba, Eji; Higaki, Katsumi; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Riera, Antoniartículo
closedAccess31-Mar-2007Efficient Use of Ellman Safety-Catch Linker for Solid-Phase Assisted Synthesis of Multivalent GlycoconjugatesDíaz Moscoso, Alejandro ; Benito, Juan M. ; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
openAccessES2336003T3-2.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2010[EN]New dimers of cyclodextrins used to solubilize pharmacologically active molecules, especially anti-tumorals such as Taxol and its derivativesDefaye, Jacques; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Benito, Juan M. ; Gómez-García, Marta; Jiang, Xingyu patente
closedAccess1-Oct-2010Fluorescent-tagged sp2-iminosugars with potent β-glucosidase inhibitory activityAguilar Moncayo, Matilde ; García Moreno, María Isabel; Stütz, Arnold E.; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Wrodnigg, Tanja M.; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmenartículo
openAccessJ. Med. Chem. Just accepted.pdf.jpg2017Fluorinated chaperone-ß-cyclodextrin formulations for ß-glucocerebrosidase activity enhancement in neuronopathic Gaucher diseaseGarcía Moreno, María Isabel; Mata, Mario de la ; Sánchez-Fernández, Elena M. ; Benito, Juan M. ; Díaz-Quintana, Antonio; Fustero, Santos; Nanba, Eiji; Higaki, Katsumi; Sánchez-Alcázar, José Antonio ; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmenartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Fullerene-sp2-iminosugar balls as multimodal ligands for lectins and glycosidases: A mechanistic hypothesis for the inhibitory multivalent effectRísquez-Cuadro, Rocio; García Fernández, José Manuel ; Nierengarten, Jean-François; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmenartículo
closedAccess16-Jul-2009Generalized Anomeric Effect in gem-Diamines: Stereoselective Synthesis of α-N-Linked Disaccharide MimicsSánchez-Fernández, Elena M. ; Rísquez-Cuadro, Rocio; Aguilar Moncayo, Matilde ; García Moreno, María Isabel; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
openAccessFood Chemistry_Portugal_CP165.pdf.jpg2012Glucosyl-difructose dianhydre-enriched products by caramelization of isomaltulose (Palatinose )Atencio-Genes, Loyda; Suárez-Pereira, Elena ; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García-Fernández, José Manuelcomunicación de congreso
openAccessCC-COM-04-2014-002703 R1.pdf.jpg2014Glycoligand-targeted core-shell nanospheres with tunable drug release profiles from calixarene-cyclodextrin heterodimersGallego-Yerga, Laura; Lomazzi, Michela; Sansone, Francesco; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Casnati, Alessandro; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
openAccessC6CC01564F.pdf.jpg2016Glycomimetic-based pharmacological chaperones for lysosomal storage disorders: lessons from Gaucher, GM1-gangliosidosis and Fabry diseasesSánchez-Fernández, Elena M. ; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmenartículo
closedAccess22-May-2009Glycosidase inhibition by ring-modified castanospermine analogues: tackling enzyme selectivity by inhibitor tailoringAguilar Moncayo, Matilde ; Gloster, Tracey M.; Turkenburg, Johan P.; García Moreno, María Isabel; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Davies, Gideon J.; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
openAccess2015Harmonized tuning of nucleic acid and lectin binding properties with multivalent cyclodextrins for macrophage-selective gene deliveryMéndez-Ardoy, Alejandro ; Díaz-Moscoso, Alejandro; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Di Giorgio, Christophe; Vierling, Pierre; Benito, Juan M. ; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Highly pH-Responsive Pharmacological Chaperones for Mutant Glycosidase EnhancementMena-Barragán, Teresa; Narita, Aya; Matias, Dino; Tiscornia, Gustavo; Nanba, Eiji; Ohno, Kousaku; Suzuki, Yoshiyuki; Higaki, Katsumi; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmenartículo
openAccessWO2011151493A1.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2011Iminosugar derivatives as alfa-glycosidase inhibitorsGarcía Fernández, José Manuel ; Sánchez-Fernández, Elena M. ; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Rísquez-Cuadro, Rociosolicitud de patente
openAccessDelaux_et_al-2016-Chemistry_-_A_European_Journal.pdf.jpg2016Impact of Nonthermal Atmospheric Plasma on the Structure of Cellulose: Access to Soluble Branched GlucansDelaux, Joakim; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Canaff, Christine; Fourré, Elodie; Gaillard, Cédric; Baraket, Abdellatif; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Tatibouët; Jean-Michel; Jérôme, Françoisartículo
openAccessc4nr05906a.pdf.jpg2015Inhibition of type 1 fimbriae-mediated Escherichia coli adhesion and biofilm formation by trimeric cluster thiomannosides conjugated to diamond nanoparticlesKhanal, M.; Larsonneur, F.; Raks, V.; Baumann, J.-S.; Martin, F.A.; Boukherroub, R.; Ghigo, J.-M.; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Zaitsev, Vladimir N.; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Beloin, C.; Siriwardena, A.; Szunerits, S.artículo
closedAccess20-Jan-2010Insights in cellular uptake mechanisms of pDNA–polycationic amphiphilic cyclodextrin nanoparticles (CDplexes)Díaz Moscoso, Alejandro ; Vercauteren, Dries; Rejman, Joanna; Benito, Juan M. ; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Smedt, Stefaan C. de; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
closedAccess18-Dec-2005Intramolecular Benzyl Protection Delivery: A Practical Synthesis of DMDP and DGDP from d-FructoseGarcía Moreno, María Isabel; Aguilar Moncayo, Matilde ; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
openAccess2011Mannosyl-coated nanocomplexes from amphiphilic cyclodextrins and pDNA for site-specific gene deliveryDíaz Moscoso, Alejandro ; Guilloteau, Nicolas; Bienvenu, Céline; Méndez-Ardoy, Alejandro ; Jiménez Blanco, José L.; Benito, Juan M. ; Gourriérec, Loïc le; Giorgo, Christophe di; Vierling, Pierre; Defaye, Jacques; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García Fernández, José Manuel artículo
closedAccess2-Oct-2008Molecular Basis for β-Glucosidase Inhibition by Ring-Modified Calystegine AnaloguesAguilar Moncayo, Matilde ; Gloster, Tracey M.; García Moreno, María Isabel; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; Davies, Gideon J.; Llebaria, Amadeu ; Casas, Josefina ; Egido-Gabás, Meritxell ; García-Fernández, José Manuelartículo