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openAccessCarrasco L Differential Action.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2015Differential action of pateamine A on translation of genomic and subgenomic mRNAs from Sindbis virusGonzález-Almela, Esther; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; García-Moreno, Manuel ; Northcote, Peter; Pelletier, Jerry; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessJMB 2017pdf.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2017Insights into the distinct mechanisms of action of taxane and non-taxane microtubule stabilizers from Cryo-EM structuresKellogg, Elizabeth H.; Hejab, Nisreen M.A.; Howes, Stuart; Northcote, Peter; Miller, John H.; Díaz, José Fernando  ; Downing, Kenneth H.; Nogales, Evaartículo
closedAccess16-Aug-2010Molecular recognition of peloruside A by microtubules. The C24 primary alcohol is essential for biological activity.Pera, Benet ; Razzak, Mina; Trigili, Chiara ; Pineda, Oriol; Canales, Ángeles ; Martínez Buey, Rubén ; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús ; Northcote, Peter; Paterson, Ian; Barasoain, Isabel ; Díaz, José Fernando  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Peloruside A does not bind to the taxoid site on β-tubulin and retains its activity in multidrug-resistant cell linesGaitanos, Thomas N.; Martínez Buey, Rubén ; Díaz, José Fernando  ; Northcote, Peter; Teesdale-Spittle, Paul; Andreu, José Manuel  ; Miller, John H.artículo
openAccessijms-18-00971-v2.pdf.jpg3-May-2017Zampanolide, a Microtubule-Stabilizing Agent, Is Active in Resistant Cancer Cells and Inhibits Cell MigrationField, Jessica J.; Northcote, Peter; Paterson, Ian; Altmann, Karl-Heinz; Díaz, José Fernando  ; Miller, John H.artículo
openAccessField et al 2012_Chemistry and Biology.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2012Zampanolide, a potent new microtubule stabilizing agent, covalently reacts with the taxane luminal site in both tubulin alpha-beta-heterodimers and microtubulesField, Jessica J.; Pera, Benet ; Calvo, Enrique; Canales, Ángeles ; Zurwerra, Didier; Trigili, Chiara ; Rodríguez-Salarichs, Javier; Matesanz, Ruth  ; Kanakkanthara, Arun; Wakefield, St. John; Singh, A. Jonathan; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús ; Northcote, Peter; Miller, John H.; López, Juan Antonio; Hamel, Ernest; Barasoain, Isabel ; Altmann, Karl-Heinz; Díaz, José Fernando  artículo