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closedAccess2012AFM: basic conceptsMoreno-Herrero, Fernando; Gómez Herrero, Juliocapítulo de libro
openAccessTorreira_et_al_Structure_2015.pdf.jpg6-Jan-2015Amyloidogenesis of bacterial prionoid RepA-WH1 recapitulates dimer to monomer transitions of RepA in DNA replication initiation.Torreira, Eva ; Moreno-del Álamo, María ; Fuentes-Perez, M. E.; Fernández, Cristina; Martín-Benito, Jaime; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Giraldo, R. ; Llorca, Óscar artículo
openAccessMoreno_herrero_NAR_2005.pdf.jpg19-Oct-2005Atomic force microscopy shows that vaccinia topoisomerase IB generates filaments on DNA in a cooperative fashionMoreno-Herrero, Fernando; Holtzer, Laurent; Koster, Daniel A.; Shuman, Stewart; Dekker, Cees; Dekker, Nynke H.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2006Comment on “Direct and Real-Time Visualization of the Disassembly of a Single RecA-DNA-ATPγS Complex Using AFM Imaging in Fluid”Heijden, Thijn van der; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Kanaar, Roland; Wyman, Claire; Dekker, Ceesartículo
openAccessCtIP forms a tetrameric dumbbell-shaped particle....pdf.jpgJan-2019CtIP forms a tetrameric dumbbell-shaped particle which bridges complex DNA end structures for double-strand break repair.Wilkinson, Oliver J.; Martín-González, Alejandro; Kang, Haejoo; Northall, Sarah J.; Wigley, Dale B.; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Dillingham, Mark Simonartículo
openAccessForce determination in lateral magnetic....pdf.jpg2018Force determination in Lateral Magnetic Tweezers combined with TIRF microscopyMadariaga-Marcos, J.; Hormeño, S.; Pastrana, C.L.; Fisher, G.L.M.; Dillingham, M.S.; Moreno-Herrero, Fernandoartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Mechanical identities of RNA and DNA double helices unveiled at the single-molecule levelHerrero-Galán, Elías; Fuentes-Perez, M. E.; Carrasco, C.; Valpuesta, José M.; Carrascosa, José L.; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Arias-Gonzalez, J. R.artículo
closedAccessJan-2009NanotecnologíaMoreno-Herrero, Fernando; Lechuga, Laura M. capítulo de libro
openAccessParB dynamics and the critical role of....pdf.jpgMar-2019ParB dynamics and the critical role of the CTD in DNA condensation unveiled by combined force-fluorescence measurementsMadariaga-Marcos, Julene; Pastrana, Cesar L.; Fisher, Gemma LM; Dillingham, Mark Simon; Moreno-Herrero, Fernandoartículo
openAccessFisher_et_al_eLife_2017.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2017The structural basis for dynamic DNA binding and bridging interactions which condense the bacterial centromereFisher, Gemma LM; Pastrana, César L.; Higman, Victoria A.; Koh, Alan; Taylor, James A.; Butterer, Annika; Craggs, Timothy; Sobott, Frank; Murray, Heath; Crump, Matthew P.; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Dillingham, Mark S.artículo
openAccessNucleic Acids Research_2018.pdf.jpg14-May-2018The TubR-centromere complex adopts a double-ring segrosome structure in Type III partition systemsMartín-García, Bárbara; Martín-González, Alejandro; Carrasco, Carolina; Hernández-Arriaga, A.M. ; Ruíz-Quero, Rubén; Díaz-Orejas, Ramón ; Aicart-Ramos, Clara; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Oliva, María A.artículo
openAccessThe TubR-centromere complex adopts....pdf.jpgJun-2018The TubR-centromere complex adopts a double-ring segrosome structure in Type III partition systems.Martín-García, Bárbara; Martín-González, Alejandro; Carrasco,Carolina; Ruíz-Quero, Rubén; Díaz-Orejas, Ramón ; Aicart-Ramos,Clara; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Oliva, María A.; Hernández-Arriaga, A.M. artículo
openAccesssrep2017.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2017TubZ filament assembly dynamics requires the flexible C-terminal tailFuentes-Perez, M. E.; Núñez-Ramírez, Rafael ; Martín-González, Alejandro; Juan-Rodríguez, David; Llorca, Óscar ; Moreno-Herrero, Fernando; Oliva, María A.artículo
openAccessUnderstanding the mechanical....pdf.jpgJul-2017Understanding the mechanical response of double- stranded DNA and RNA under constant stretching forces using all-atom molecular dynamicsMarin-Gonzalez, Alberto; Vilhena, J.G.; Perez, Ruben; Moreno-Herrero, Fernandoartículo