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openAccessdelocalization.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2006Delocalization induced by low-frequency driving in disordered tight-binding latticesMartinez, Dario F.; Molina, Rafael A. artículo
openAccessDynamics of coherence.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2017Dynamics of coherence, localization and excitation transfer in disordered nanoringsSomoza, A. D.; Sun, Ke-Wei.; Molina, Rafael A. ; Zhao, Yangartículo
openAccessElectric field.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2019Electric field manipulation of surface states in topological semimetalsBaba, Y.; Díaz-Fernández, A.; Domínguez-Adame, F.; Molina, Rafael A. artículo
openAccessEmbedding method.pdf.jpg2012Embedding method for the scattering phase in strongly correlated quantum dotsMolina, Rafael A. ; Schmitteckert, Peter; Weinmann, Dietmar; Jalabert, Rodolfo A.; Jacquod, Philippeartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Escape from a lattice billiardMolina, Rafael A. comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Escape from quantum lattice billiardsMolina, Rafael A. comunicación de congreso
openAccessExamination.pdf.jpg18-Jan-2017Examination of experimental evidence of chaos in the bound states of Pb 208Muñoz, L.; Molina, Rafael A. ; Gómez, J.M.G.; Heusler, A.artículo
openAccessFlat band of midgap.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2016Flat band of midgap rotating surface states in 3D Dirac and Weyl semimetals under circularly polarized radiationGonzález Carmona, José ; Molina, Rafael A. comunicación de congreso
openAccess25-Feb-2020Fluctuations of work in realistic equilibrium states of quantum systems with conserved quantitiesMur-Petit, Jordi  ; Relaño, Armando; Molina, Rafael A. ; Jaksch, Dieterartículo
openAccesssemanaciencia2017-molina-fotosintesis.pdf.jpg2017La fotosíntesis desde el punto de vista físicoMolina, Rafael A. material didáctico
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2019Generalized fluctuations relationsMolina, Rafael A. ponencia
openAccessGeneric.pdf.jpg20-May-2016Generic helical edge states due to Rashba spin-orbit coupling in a topological insulatorOrtiz, Laura; Molina, Rafael A. ; Platero, Gloria ; Lunde, A. M.artículo
openAccessImpact of electric.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2019Impact of electric fields on surface states in topological semimetalsBaba, Y.; Díaz-Fernández, A.; Molina, Rafael A. ; Díaz, E.; Domínguez-Adame, F.póster de congreso
openAccessLaser-driven quantum wires.pdf.jpg2017Laser driven quantum wires: localization and transportMolina, Rafael A. material didáctico
openAccess131202-lattice_scars-njp-sent.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2014Lattice scars: surviving in an open discrete billiardFernández-Hurtado, Victor; Mur-Petit, Jordi  ; García-Ripoll, Juan José  ; Molina, Rafael A. artículo
closedAccess25-Jul-2008Length-dependent oscillations in the dc conductance of laser-driven quantum wiresMartinez, Dario F.; Molina, Rafael A. ; Hu, Bambiartículo
openAccessLocalization0001.pdf.jpg2-May-2015Localization and topology of excitons in chlorosomesMolina, Rafael A. ; Benito-Matías, E. ; Somoza, A.; Chen, L.; Zhao, Y.comunicación de congreso
closedAccess12-Jul-2003Localization in 2p1f nuclear shell-model wavefunctionsGómez, J.M.G.; Kar, K.; Kota, V.K.B.; Molina, Rafael A. ; Retamosa, Joaquínartículo
openAccessLocalization length versus.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2017Localization length versus level repulsion in one-dimensional driven disordered quantum wiresBenito-Matías, E. ; Molina, Rafael A. artículo
closedAccessJul-2006Localization properties of driven disordered one-dimensional systemsMartinez, Dario F.; Molina, Rafael A. artículo