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openAccess30-Aug-2011A vision-based system for on-board identification and estimation of discarded bio-mass: A tool for contributing to marine resources sustainabilityAntelo, L. T. ; Ordóñez, Tatiana ; Miniño, I.; Gracia, Joaquín; Ribes, E.; Hervás, J.; Simón, S.; Alonso, Antonio A. capítulo de libro
closedAccess2003Fishery by-catches of marine mammals in Galician waters: results from on-board observations and an interview survey of fishermenLópez, Alfredo; Pierce, Graham J.; Santos, M. Begoña; Gracia, Joaquín; Guerra, Ángel artículo
openAccesssm69n4577-3.pdf.jpg2005Modelling artisanal coastal fisheries of Galicia (NW Spain) based on data obtained from fishers: the case of Octopus vulgarisOtero, Jaime ; Rocha, Francisco; González, Ángel F. ; Gracia, Joaquín; Guerra, Ángel artículo
openAccessModelling.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2006Modelling small-scale coastal fisheries of Galicia (NW Spain) based on data obtained from fisheries: the case of Sepia officinalisRocha, Francisco; Otero, Jaime ; Outeiral, Raquel; González, Ángel F. ; Gracia, Joaquín; Guerra, Ángel artículo
openAccessarticulo-pulpo.pdf.jpg2007A new noise detected in the oceanGuerra, Ángel ; Martinell, Xavier; González, Ángel F. ; Vecchione, Michael; Gracia, Joaquín; Martinell, Jordiartículo
closedAccess2002Observations from submersibles of rare long-arm bathypelagic squidsGuerra, Ángel ; González, Ángel F. ; Rocha, Francisco; Segonzac, Michel; Gracia, Joaquínartículo
openAccessdownload.pdf.jpgOct-2002Recent findings of the giant squid Architeuthis in northern Spanish watersGonzález, Ángel F. ; Guerra, Ángel ; Rocha, Francisco; Gracia, Joaquínartículo
openAccess25.pdf.jpg2004Reliability of a model based on a short fishery statistics survey: application to the Northeast Atlantic monkfish fisheryRocha, Francisco; Gracia, Joaquín; González, Ángel F. ; Jardón, Carlos M.; Guerra, Ángel artículo