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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2017High vacuum synthesis and ambient stability of bottom-up graphene nanoribbonsFairbrother, Andrew; Sánchez-Valencia, J.R. ; Lauber, Beat; Shorubalko, Ivan; Ruffieux, Pascal; Hintermann, Tobias; Fasel, Romanartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2017On-surface cyclization of ortho-dihalotetracenes to four- and six-membered ringsSánchez, Carlos ; Nicolaï, Adrien; Rossel, Frédéric; Cai, Jinming; Liu, Junzhi; Feng, Xinliang; Müllen, Klaus; Ruffieux, Pascal; Fasel, Roman; Meunier, Vincentartículo
openAccessManuscript_JACS_revised.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2019On-Surface Hydrogen-Induced Covalent Coupling of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons via a Superhydrogenated IntermediateSánchez-Sánchez, Carlos ; Martínez, José I. ; Ruiz del Árbol, Nerea ; Ruffieux, Pascal; Fasel, Roman; López, María Francisca  ; Andrés, Pedro L. de ; Martín-Gago, José A. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg23-Aug-2016Purely armchair or partially chiral: noncontact atomic force microscopy characterization of dibromo-bianthryl-based graphene nanoribbons grown on Cu(111)Sánchez-Sánchez, Carlos ; Dienel, Thomas; Deniz, Okan; Ruffieux, Pascal; Berger, Reinhard; Feng, Xinliang; Müllen, Klaus; Fasel, Romanartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2017Revealing the electronic structure of silicon intercalated armchair graphene nanoribbons by scanning tunneling spectroscopyDeniz, Okan; Sánchez, Carlos ; Dumslaff, Tim; Feng, Xinliang; Narita, Akimitsu.; Mullen, Klaus; Kharche, Neerav; Meunier, Vincent; Fasel, Roman; Ruffieux, Pascalartículo