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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
closedAccess2009Net Ecosystem Exchange and Whole Plant Isoprenoid Emissions by a Mediterranean Shrubland Exposed to Experimental Climate Change.Llusia, Joan; Peñuelas, Josep; Prieto, Patricia ; Estiarte, Marcartículo
closedAccess2008Nutrient stoichiometric relations and biogeochemical niche in coexisting plant species: effect of simulated climate change.Peñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Ogaya, Romá; Estiarte, Marcartículo
closedAccess2009Plant community changes induced by experimental climate change: Seedling and adult species composition.Lloret, Francisco; Peñuelas, Josep; Prieto, Patricia ; Llorens, L.; Estiarte, Marcartículo
openAccess19-Jun-2008Precipitation-dependent Flowering of Globularia alypum and Erica multiflora in Mediterranean Shrubland Under Experimental Drought and Warming, and its Inter-annual VariabilityPrieto, Patricia ; Peñuelas, Josep; Ogaya, Romá; Estiarte, Marcartículo
openAccess2010Responses of the reflectance indices PRI and NDVI to experimental warming and drought in European shrublands along a north-south climatic gradientMänd, P.; Hallik, L.; Peñuelas, Josep; Nilson, T.; Duce, P.; Emmett, B. A.; Beier, C.; Estiarte, Marc; Garadnai, J.; Kalapos, T.; Schmidt, I. K.; Kovács-Láng, E.; Prieto, Patricia ; Tietema, A.; Westerveld, J. W.; Kull, O.artículo
closedAccess2008Root-surface phosphatase activity in shrublands across a European gradient: Effects of warmingEstiarte, Marc; Peñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Emmett, B. A.; Sowerby, A.; Beier, C.; Schmidt, I. K.; Tietema, A.; Van Meeteren, M. J. M.; Lang, E. K.; Mathe, P.; De Angelis, Paolo; de Dato, G.artículo
closedAccessMar-2008Simulated climate change provokes rapid genetic change in the Mediterranean shrub Fumana thymifoliaJump, Alistair S.; Peñuelas, Josep; Rico, L.; Ramallo, E.; Estiarte, Marc; Martínez-Izquierdo, José Antonio ; Lloret, Franciscoartículo
closedAccessOct-2008Warming and drought alter C and N concentration, allocation and accumulation in a Mediterranean shrubland.Sardans, Jordi; Peñuelas, Josep; Estiarte, Marc; Prieto, Patricia artículo
closedAccessJan-2008Warming and drought change trace element bioaccumulation patterns in a Mediterranean shrubland.Sardans, Jordi; Peñuelas, Josep; Estiarte, Marcartículo