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openAccessOct-2006Brown bear food habits at the border of its range. A long term studyNaves, Javier ; Fernández-Gil, Alberto ; Rodríguez, Carlos ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessRau et al 1985 Terre Vie.pdf.jpg1985Can the increase of fox density explain the decrease in Lynx numbers at Doñana?Rau, Jaime R.; Beltrán, Juan F.; Delibes, M. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1994Chemical immobilization of European wild badgers (Meles meles)Travaini, Alejandro ; Ferreras, Pablo ; Aldama, Juan J.; Fedriani, José M. ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessPalomares & Delibes 1992_ JMammalogy.pdf.jpg1992Circadian activity patterns of free-ranging Large Gray mongooses Herpestes ichneumonPalomares, Francisco ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessNov-1998Co-existence between Iberian lynx and Egyptian mongooses: estimating interaction strength by structural equation modelling and testing by an observational studyPalomares, Francisco ; Ferreras, Pablo ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessZapata et al. 2013_JMammal Evol-1.pdf.jpgAug-2013Co-occurrence Patterns in Carnivorans: Correspondence Between Morphological andEcological Characteristics of anAssemblage of Carnivorans in PatagoniaZapata, Sonia C.; Delibes, M. ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Procopio, Diegoartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1982Comparative daryotype studies between Spanish and French populations of Eliomys quercinus L.Arroyo Nombela, J. J.; Rodríguez Murcia, C.; Hiraldo, F. ; Delibes, M. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1989Comparative food habits of the eagle owl Bubo bubo and the great horned owl Bubo virginianus in six Palearctic and Nearctic biomesDonázar, José A. ; Hiraldo, F. ; Delibes, M. ; Estrella, Ricardo R.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1989Comparative food habits of three carnivores in Western Sierra Madre, México.Delibes, M. ; Hernández, Luis; Hiraldo, F. artículo
openAccess1982Comparative karyotype studies between Spanish and French populations of Eliomys quercinus L,Arroyo Nombela, J. J.; Rodríguez Murcia, C.; Delibes, M. ; Hiraldo, F. artículo
openAccess1991Comparison of the diet of Turkey vulture in three regions of Northen MexicoHiraldo, F. ; Delibes, M. ; Donázar, José A. artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0151541 (1).PDF.jpg2016Conflict Misleads Large Carnivore Management and Conservation: Brown Bears and Wolves in SpainFernández-Gil, Alberto ; Naves, Javier ; Ordiz, Andrés; Quevedo, M.; Revilla, Eloy ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessMay-2009Conservation biogeography of ecologically interacting species: the case of the Iberian lynx and the European rabbitReal, Raimundo; Barbosa, A. Márcia; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; García, Francisco J.; Vargas, J. Mario; Palomo, Luis J.; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessPerea et al 2013_Oikos.pdf.jpg2013Context-dependent fruit–frugivore interactions: partner identities and spatio-temporal variationsPerea, Ramón; Delibes, M. ; Polko, Mark; Súarez, Alberto; Fedriani, José M. artículo
openAccessFernandez Gil et a l 2006_Wild Biol.pdf.jpg2006Courtship of brown bears Ursus arctos in northern Spain: phenology, weather, habitat and durable mating areasFernández-Gil, Alberto ; Naves, Javier ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessSep-1996Cover is safe during the day but dangerous at night: the use of vegetation by European wild rabbitsMoreno, Sacramento ; Villafuerte, Rafael ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccess1992Current range and status of the Iberian lynx Felis pardina Temminck, 1824 in SpainRodríguez, Alejandro ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessFedriani&Delibes_2011.pdf.jpgFeb-2011Dangerous liaisons disperse the Mediterranean dwarf palm: fleshy-pulp defensive role against seed predatorsFedriani, José M. ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccess1992Data analysis design and potential bias in radio-tracking studies of animal habitat usePalomares, Francisco ; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccess2009Dating the divergence between Southern and European water voles using molecular coalescent-based methodsCenteno-Cuadros, A. ; Delibes, M. ; Godoy, José A.  artículo