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openAccessAlteration of plasma.pdf.jpg2013Alteration of plasma membrane organization by an anticancer lysophosphatidylcholine analogue induces intracellular acidification and internalization of plasma membrane transporters in yeastCzyz, Ola; Bitew, Teshager; Cuesta-Marbán, Álvaro ; McMaster, Christopher R.; Mollinedo, Faustino ; Zaremberg, Vaninaartículo
openAccessDrug uptake.pdf.jpg2013Drug uptake, lipid rafts, and vesicle trafficking modulate resistance to an anticancer lysophosphatidylcholine analogue in yeastCuesta-Marbán, Álvaro ; Botet, Javier ; Czyz, Ola; Cacharro, Luis M. ; Gajate, Consuelo; Hornillos, Valentín ; Delgado, Javier; Zhang, Hui; Amat-Guerri, Francisco ; Acuña, A. Ulises ; McMaster, Christopher R.; Revuelta Doval, José Luis ; Zaremberg, Vanina; Mollinedo, Faustino artículo
openAccessGenome-wide.pdf.jpg2011Genome-wide screenings and subcellular localization analyses uncover major events in the mechanism of action of antitumor lipids in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeCuesta-Marbán, Álvaro ; Botet, Javier ; Cacharro, Luis M. ; Gajate, Consuelo; Hornillos, Valentín ; Amat-Guerri, Francisco ; Revuelta Doval, José Luis ; Acuña, A. Ulises ; Mollinedo, Faustino comunicación de congreso
openAccessHuman initiator caspases.pdf.jpg2009Human initiator caspases trigger apoptotic and autophagic phenotypes in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLisa-Santamaría, Patricia ; Neiman, Aaron M.; Cuesta-Marbán, Álvaro ; Mollinedo, Faustino ; Revuelta Doval, José Luis ; Jiménez, Alberto artículo
openAccessmecanismos_toxicidad_lipidos_Cuesta.pdf.jpg2013Mecanismos de acción de lípidos antitumorales sintéticos en Saccharomyces cerevisiaeCuesta-Marbán, Álvaro tesis doctoral
openAccessjournal.pntd.2017.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2017Mitochondria and lipid raft-located FOF1-ATP synthase as major therapeutic targets in the antileishmanial and anticancer activities of ether lipid edelfosineVilla-Pulgarín, J. A.; Gajate, Consuelo; Botet, Javier ; Jiménez, Alberto ; Justies, Nicole; Varela-M, Rubén E.; Cuesta-Marbán, Álvaro ; Müller, Ingrid; Modolell, Manuel; Revuelta Doval, José Luis ; Mollinedo, Faustino artículo