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openAccessProceedings_4th_Workshop_Gonadal.pdf.jpg2010Impact of mass atresia in reproductive ecology, maturity ogive, spawning migration and population dynamics on S. mentella in Icelandic watersSaborido-Rey, Fran  ; Garabana, Dolores ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Domínguez-Petit, Rosario ; Sigurdsson, Thorsteinncapítulo de libro
openAccessIncidence and significance of cystic structures in the ovaries of gadoid fish.pdf.jpg2011Incidence and significance of cystic structures in the ovaries of gadoid fishDomínguez-Petit, Rosario ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
openAccessalos_et_al_diplodus.pdf.jpg2010Individual variability and sex-related differences in the growth of Diplodus annularis (Linnaeus, 1758)Alós, Josep ; Palmer, Miquel ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Morales-Nin, Beatriz artículo
embargoedAccessInferring_abundance_2018.pdf.jpg2019Inferring abundance trends of key species from a highly developed small-scale fishery off NE AtlanticAlonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Otero, Jaime ; Bañón, Rafael; Campelos, J. M.; Quintero, Fernando; Ribó, Jorge; Filgueira, Ramón ; Juncal, Luisa; Lamas, Fabio; Gancedo, Asunción; Molares, Joséartículo
embargoedAccessInfluence_aquaculture_2020.pdf.jpg2020Influence of aquaculture on fishing strategies: Insights from Galician small-scale fisheriesOuteiro, Luis; Rodríguez-Mendoza, Rebeca ; Bañón, Rafael; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre artículo
closedAccess2013Intraspecific variability in reproductive patterns in the temperate hermaphrodite fish, Labrus bergyltaVillegas-Ríos, David ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Domínguez-Petit, Rosario ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2011Is angling a stochastic process for life-history traits? An empirical assessment for marine coastal fisheriesAlós, Josep ; Arlinghaus, Robert; Palmer, Miquel ; Buttay, Lucie; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2014Life-history and activity shape catchability in a sedentary fishVillegas-Ríos, David ; Alós, Josep ; Palmer, Miquel ; Lowerre-Barbieri, Susan; Bañón, Rafael; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
openAccessSaborido-Rey.pdf.jpg2011Maternal influence on the variation of the reproductive cycle of Trisopterus luscus (Gadidae)Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
closedAccessOspina_et_al_2020_suppl.pdf.jpgSep-2020MPA network design based on graph theory and emergent properties of larval dispersalOspina-Álvarez, Andrés ; de Juan, Silvia  ; Alós, Josep ; Basterretxea, Gotzon ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Follana-Berná, Guillermo; Palmer, Miquel ; Catalán, Ignacio Alberto artículo
openAccessNew_records_two_southern_2017.pdf.jpg2017New records of two southern fishes found in northern waters of the Iberian PeninsulaBañón, Rafael; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Arronte, Juan Carlos; Barros-García, David; Carlos, Alejandro deartículo
openAccessRelationship_between_energy.pdf.jpg2012Relationship between energy allocation and reproductive strategy in Trisopterus luscusAlonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg16-May-2011Reproduction investment in indeterminate spawners may be estimated from growthButtay, Lucie; Alós, Josep ; Palmer, Miquel ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  comunicación de congreso
openAccessAlos-ScientiaMarina-2013-v77-n2-p331.pdf.jpg2013Reproductive output traits of the simultaneous hermaphrodite Serranus scriba in the western MediterraneanAlós, Josep ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Catalán, Ignacio Alberto ; Palmer, Miquel ; Lowerre-Barbieri, Susanartículo
openAccessDominguez-Petit_et_al_Cybium_32_2_2008.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2008Reproductive strategy and oocyte recruitment process of European hake (Merluccius merluccius) in Galician shelf watersDomínguez-Petit, Rosario ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
openAccessAlonso_et_al_Cybium_32_2_2008.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2008Reproductive strategy of pouting, Trisopterus luscus (Linnaeus, 1758)Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Domínguez-Petit, Rosario ; Saborido-Rey, Fran  artículo
openAccessSeguimiento_plan_2016.pdf.jpg2016Seguimiento del plan y análisis de la pesquería en GaliciaAlonso-Fernández, Alexandre comunicación de congreso
openAccessAlos-MEPS-2014-v503-p219.pdf.jpg2014Selective exploitation of spatially structured coastal fish populations by recreational anglers may lead to evolutionary downsizing of adultsAlós, Josep ; Palmer, Miquel ; Catalán, Ignacio Alberto ; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Basterretxea, Gotzon ; Jordi, Antoni ; Buttay, Lucie; Morales-Nin, Beatriz ; Arlinghaus, Robertartículo
openAccessSex_ratio_variation_2017.pdf.jpg2017Sex ratio variation in an exploited population of common octopus: ontogenic shifts and spatio-temporal dynamicsAlonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Otero, Jaime ; Bañón, Rafael; Campelos, J. M.; Santos-Echeandía, Juan ; Mucientes, Gonzalo artículo
embargoedAccessSignals _changes _ichthyofauna_2020.pdf.jpg2020Signals of changes in the ichthyofauna composition of Galician waters (NW Iberian Peninsula)Bañón, Rafael; Caballero-Huertas, M.; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre ; Barros-García, David; Otero, Jesús; Carlos, Alejandro deartículo