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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessChaos_16_033122.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2006Experimental Study of the Transitions between Synchronous Chaos and a Periodic Rotating WaveSánchez, Esteban; Pazó, Diego  ; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo
openAccessformation_localized_structures_Colet.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2014Formation of localized structures in bistable systems through nonlocal spatial coupling. I. General frameworkColet, Pere  ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Gelens, Lendert ; Gomila, Damià  artículo
openAccessformation_localized_structures_bistable_Gelens.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2014Formation of localized structures in bistable systems through nonlocal spatial coupling. II. the nonlocal Ginzburg-Landau equationGelens, Lendert ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Gomila, Damià  ; Dorissen, Tom; Colet, Pere  artículo
openAccess0909.1260.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2009From quasiperiodicity to high-dimensional chaos without intermediate low-dimensional chaoPazó, Diego  ; Matías, Manuel A.  preprint
openAccessfront_interaction.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2017Front interaction induces excitable behaviorParra-Rivas, P. ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Colet, Pere  ; Gelens, Lendert ; Walgraef, Daniel; Gomila, Damià  artículo
openAccessglobal.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2012Global dynamics of oscillator populations under common noiseBraun, W.; Pikovsky, A.; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Colet, Pere  ; Colet, Pere  artículo
openAccesschapterSCL08b.pdf.jpg2011Interaction of oscillatory and excitable dissipative solitons in a nonlinear optical cavityGomila, Damià  ; Jacobo, Adrián ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Colet, Pere  ; Colet, Pere  capítulo de libro
openAccessnwp2.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2006Localized structures in nonlinear optical cavitiesGomila, Damià  ; Colet, Pere  ; Colet, Pere  ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; San Miguel, Maxi  ; Oppo, Gian-Lucacomunicación de congreso
openAccess1367-2630_14_1_013040.pdf.jpg2012Logical operations with localized structuresJacobo, Adrián ; Gomila, Damià  ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Colet, Pere  artículo
openAccessPhysRevLett.104.154101.pdf.jpg2010Nonlocality-Induced Front-Interaction EnhancementGelens, Lendert ; Gomila, Damià  ; Van der Sande, Guy ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Colet, Pere  ; Colet, Pere  artículo
openAccessPhysRevE_75_026217.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2007Phase-space structure of two-dimensional excitable localized structuresGomila, Damià  ; Jacobo, Adrián ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Colet, Pere  artículo
openAccessPRL04101.pdf.jpg21-May-2004Rare Events and Scale-Invariant Dynamics of Perturbations in Delayed Chaotic SystemsSánchez, Alejandro D.; López, Juan M.  ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. ; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo
openAccessFinalRozenfeld_etal_manuscript.pdf.jpg1-May-2007Spectrum of genetic diversity and networks of clonal organismsRozenfeld, Alejandro F.; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Hernández-García, Emilio  ; Eguíluz, Víctor M.  ; Matías, Manuel A.  ; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Duarte, Carlos M. artículo
openAccess0507471v2.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2006Synchronization in Complex Networks: a Comment on two recent PRL papersMatías, Manuel A.  preprint
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1999Transition to chaotic rotating waves in arrays of coupled Lorenz oscillatorsSánchez, Esteban; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2001Transition to high-dimensional chaos through quasiperiodic motionPazó, Diego  ; Sánchez, Esteban; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo
openAccessscalyap.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2003Universal scaling of Lyapunov exponents in coupled chaotic oscillatorsLiu, Zonghua; Lai, Ying-Cheng; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo