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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessPhysRevB_76_035307.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2007From Coulomb blockade to the Kondo regime in a Rashba dotLópez, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  ; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessnanoscale_conductors_Arguello.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2015Heat asymmetries in nanoscale conductors: The role of decoherence and inelasticityArgüello-Luengo, Javier; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessPhysRevLett.107.196801.pdf.jpg2011Josephson Current in Carbon Nanotubes with Spin-Orbit InteractionLim, Jong-Soo ; López, Rosa  ; Aguado, Ramón artículo
openAccessPhysRevLett.105.116803.pdf.jpg2010Josephson current in strongly correlated double quantum dotsŽitko, Rok; Lee, Minchul; López, Rosa  ; Aguado, Ramón ; Choi, Mahn-Sooartículo
openAccesskondo_effect_Lee.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2013Kondo effect in a quantum dot side-coupled to a topological superconductorLee, Minchul; Lim, Jong-Soo ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessPhysRevB.83.155325.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2011Kramers polarization in strongly correlated carbon nanotube quantum dotsLópez, Rosa  ; Soo Lim, Jong; Giorgi, Gian Luca  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccesssuperconducting_device_Hwang.pdf.jpg8-Aug-2016Large thermoelectric power and figure of merit in a ferromagnetic–quantum dot–superconducting deviceHwang, Sun-Yong; López, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
closedAccessMar-2008Local spin polarization in a quantum wire induced by the Rashba interactionSerra, Llorenç  ; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessPhysRevB.79.125319.pdf.jpg2009Localized magnetic states in Rashba dotsCrisan, Mircea; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  ; Serra, Llorenç  ; Grosu, Ioanartículo
openAccessmagnetic-field_asymmetry_Hwang.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2013Magnetic-field asymmetry of nonlinear thermoelectric and heat transportHwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  ; Lee, Minchul; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessmagnetic_field_Lim.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2012Magnetic-field instability of Majorana modes in multiband semiconductor wiresLim, Jong-Soo ; Serra, Llorenç  ; López, Rosa  ; Aguado, Ramón artículo
openAccessinterferometer.pdf.jpg2010Magnetoasymmetric transport in a mesoscopic interferometer: From the weak to the strong coupling regimeLim, Jong-Soo ; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessmajorana_mode_stacking_Osca.pdf.jpgApr-2014Majorana mode stacking, robustness and size effect in cylindrical nanowiresOsca, Javier; López, Rosa  ; Serra, Llorenç  preprint
openAccessmultichannel.pdf.jpg2010Multichannel effects in Rashba quantum wiresGelabert, M. M.; Serra, Llorenç  ; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccess1556-276X-8-246.pdf.jpg20-May-2013Noise and fluctuation relations of a spin diodeLim, Jong-Soo ; López, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccessnonequilibrium_spin-current_Lim.pdf.jpg4-Oct-2013Nonequilibrium spin-current detection with a single Kondo impurityLim, Jong-Soo ; López, Rosa  ; Limot, Laurent; Simon, Pascalartículo
openAccessPhysRevB.99.245304.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2019Nonlinear chiral refrigeratorsSánchez, David  ; Sánchez, Rafael ; López, Rosa  ; Sothmann, Björnartículo
openAccessnonlinear_electric.pdf.jpgOct-2017Nonlinear electric and thermoelectric Andreev transport through a hybrid quantum dot coupled to ferromagnetic and superconducting leadsHwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccessnonlinear_heat_transport_Lopez.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2013Nonlinear heat transport in mesoscopic conductors: Rectification, Peltier effect, and Wiedemann-Franz lawLópez, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
openAccessNonlinearPhenomena.pdf.jpgDec-2016Nonlinear phenomena in quantum thermoelectrics and heatSánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo