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openAccess1471-2229-9-75.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2009The HaDREB2 transcription factor enhances basal thermotolerance and longevity of seeds through functional interaction with HaHSFA9Almoguera, Concepción  ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Díaz-Martín, J. ; Espinosa-Vázquez, José Manuel; Carranco, Raúl ; Jordano, Juan  artículo
closedAccessj.1365-3040.2002.00853.x.pdf.jpg3-May-2002Hahb-4, a homeobox-leucine zipper gene potentially involved in abscisic acid-dependent responses to water stress in sunflowerGago, G. M.; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  ; González, D. H.; Chang, R. L.artículo
openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2015Heat shock transcription factors involved in seed desiccation tolerance and longevity retard vegetative senescence in transgenic tobaccoAlmoguera, Concepción  ; Personat, José María ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Jordano, Juan  artículo
openAccessplants-09-00335.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2020Heat Stress Factors Expressed during Seed Maturation Differentially Regulate Seed Longevity and Seedling GreeningAlmoguera, Concepción  ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Carranco, Raúl ; Ruiz, José Luis; Jordano, Juan  artículo
openAccessJournal of tumor marker oncology 2 (3) 113-123, 1987.pdf.jpg1987High incidence of c-K-ras oncogenes in human colon cancer detected by the RNAse A mismatch cleavage methodForrester, K.; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  ; Grizzle, W. E.; Perucho, M.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-1999An imperfect heat shock element and different upstream sequences are required for the seed-specific expression of a small heat shock protein gene.Carranco, Raúl ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  artículo
closedAccess22-Sep-2006Improved resistance to controlled deterioration in transgenic seeds.Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Castaño, Raúl; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  artículo
closedAccessEmbargo_Gral.pdf.jpgDec-2003Induction of the Hahsp17.7G4 promoter by root-knot nematodes: involvement of heat-shock elements in promoter activity in giant cellsEscobar, Carolina; Barcala, Marta; Portillo, Mary; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  ; Fenoll, Carmenartículo
closedAccessOcogene  2 (4)  359-366  (1988).pdf.jpg1988Initial characterization of a potential transcriptional enhancer for the human c-K-ras geneJordano, Juan  ; Perucho, M.artículo
closedAccessj.1365-3040.2010.02159.x.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2010Loss of function of the HSFA9 seed longevity programTejedor-Cano, Javier ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Carranco, Raúl ; Hiratsu, K; Ohme-Takagi, M.; Jordano, Juan  artículo
openAccessWO03004522A1.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2003Method for the reversible in vivo heat inactivation of proteins with biological activity.Almoguera, Concepción  ; Rojas, Anabel ; Jordano, Juan  patente
openAccessModification of sunflower.pdf.jpg2002Modification of sunflower oil quality by seed-specific expression of a heterologous Δ9-stearoyl-(acyl carrier protein) desaturase geneRousselin, P.; Hahne, G.; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Jordano, Juan  artículo
openAccessModification  of the lysine  residues  of histones.pdf.jpg1985Modification of the lysine residues of histones H1 and H5: Effects on structure and on the binding to chromatinJordano, Juan  ; Barbero, J.L.; Montero, F.; Palacián, Enriqueartículo
openAccessWO2004007660A2.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2004Novel HSF transcripcion factors and use thereof in trangenic plants.Almoguera, Concepción  ; Rojas, Anabel ; Díaz-Martín, J. ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Carranco, Raúl ; Jordano, Juan  patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2014Post-translational modification of specific lysine residues is required for the synergism between two transcription factors which control seed longevity and desiccation tolerance in sunflower: HaHSFA9 and HaHSFA4a.Carranco, Raúl ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  póster de congreso
openAccessEP1050585A2.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2000Promoter and regulator sequences $i (Ha ds10 G1):a gene lea of sunflower expressed exclusively in seeds from the maturation phasePrieto-Dapena, P. ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  patente
openAccessProtection_photosynthetic_apparatus.pdf.jpgDec-2012Protection of the photosynthetic apparatus from extreme dehydration and oxidative stress in seedlings of transgenic tobaccoAlmoguera, Concepción  ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Personat, José María ; Tejedor-Cano, Javier ; Lindahl, Marika  ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Jordano, Juan  artículo
openAccessRearrangement of nucleosomal components.pdf.jpg1984Rearrangement of nucleosomal components by modification of histone amino groups. Structural role of lysine residuesJordano, Juan  ; Montero, F.; Palacián, Enriqueartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2010Redundancia en el control del programa genético activado por HaHSFA9Tejedor-Cano, Javier ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Carranco, Raúl ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  póster de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2015Reguladores embrionarios de la transición fotosintética durante la germinación de las semillasJordano, Juan  comunicación de congreso