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openAccessPerez-Portela et al_ MEPS_201109007_REVISED.pdf.jpg2012Bottlenecks and loss of genetic diversity: spatio-temporal patterns of genetic structure in an ascidian recently introduced in EuropePérez-Portela, R. ; Turon, Xavier  ; Bishop, J. D. D.Artículo
closedAccess2003Can a sponge feeder be a herbivore? Tylodina perversa (Gastropoda) feeding on Aplysina aerophoba (Demospongiae)Becerro, Mikel  ; Turon, Xavier  ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Templado, José Artículo
openAccess2009Characterization of the sperm molecule bindin in the sea urchin genus ParacentrotusCalderón, I.; Turon, Xavier  ; Lessios, H.Artículo
closedAccess2016Characterization of the transcriptome and gene expression of four different tissues in the ecologically relevant sea urchin Arbacia lixula using RNA-seqPérez-Portela, R. ; Turon, Xavier  ; Riesgo, A. Artículo
openAccess1114.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2009Chemical bioactivity of sponges along an environmental gradient in a Mediterranean caveTuron, Xavier  ; Martí, Ruth; Uriz, María Jesús  Artículo
closedAccess1997Chemically-mediated interactions in benthic organisms: The chemical ecology of Crambe crambe (Porifera, Poecilosclerida)Becerro, Mikel  ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Turon, Xavier  Artículo
closedAccess1993Comunidades bentónicas de sustrato duro de la Isla de Formentera (Baleares)Ballesteros, Manuel ; Turon, Xavier  ; Gómez, A.; Ribera, M. A.; Dantart, L.; Àvila, Conxita ; Palacín, Cruz Artículo
closedAccess2015Corridors for aliens but not for natives: effects of marine urban sprawl at a regional scaleAiroldi, L.; Turon, Xavier  ; Perkol-Finkel, Shimrit; Rius, Marc Artículo
openAccess1988Crastostigma campoyi n.sp. (Ascidiacea, Pyuridae) en Méditerranée occidentale. Observations sur le genre Cratostigma (C et F Monniot).Ramos, A. A.; Turon, Xavier  ; Lafargue, F.Artículo
openAccessTuron 1988.pdf.jpg1988Cratostigma vestigialis (Ascidiacea), ascidie nouvelle de la Méditerranée occidentale.Turon, Xavier  Artículo
openAccessPérez-Portela  Turon Zoology 2008 post-print.pdf.jpg2008Cryptic divergence and strong population structure in Pycnoclavella communis (Ascidiacea) inferred from COI and microsatellite dataPérez-Portela, R. ; Turon, Xavier  Artículo
openAccessPerez-Portela et al_preprint.pdf.jpgMar-2013Cryptic speciation and genetic structure of widely distributed brittle stars (Ophiuroidea) in EuropePérez-Portela, R. ; Almada, Vitor C.; Turon, Xavier  Artículo
openAccessPerez-Portela et al 2013 Sci Rep.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2013Cryptic speciation or global spread? The case of a cosmopolitan marine invertebrate with limited dispersal capabilitiesPérez-Portela, R. ; Arranz, V.; Rius, Marc ; Turon, Xavier  Artículo
openAccessLopez-Legentil et al 2011 PLoS One.pdf.jpg2011Cyanobacterial Diversity and a New Acaryochloris-Like Symbiont from Bahamian Sea-SquirtsLópez-Legentil, S.; Song, Bongkeun; Bosch, Manel; Pawlik, Joseph R.; Turon, Xavier  Artículo
openAccessWangensteen et al 2015 metabarcoding PLoS One.pdf.jpg2015Deep-Sea, Deep-Sequencing: Metabarcoding Extracellular DNA from Sediments of Marine CanyonsGuardiola, Magdalena ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Taberlet, Pierre; Coissac, Eric; Wangensteen, Owen S. ; Turon, Xavier  Artículo
openAccesspre-print Turon et al JEMBE.pdf.jpg2018Defence behind the ramparts: Spicule armament against specialist predators in a subtidal habitat-forming ascidianTuron, Xavier  ; Holan, Jessica R.; Davis, A. R.Artículo
openAccess2011Demographics and vulnerability of a unique Australian fish, the weedy seadragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatusSanchez-Camara, J.; Martin-Smith, K.; Booth, D. J.; Fritschi, J.; Turon, Xavier  Artículo
closedAccess2006Dispersal strategies in sponge larvae: integrating the life-history of larvae and the hydrologic component.Mariani, Simone  ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Turon, Xavier  ; Alcoverro, Teresa  Artículo
openAccessTuron 1988.pdf.jpg1988Distribución ecológica del grupo de las ascidias (Tunicados) en las costas de Catalunya e Islas Baleares.Turon, Xavier  Artículo
openAccesswangensteen et al 2018 peerJ.pdf.jpg2018DNA metabarcoding of littoral hardbottom communities: high diversity and database gaps revealed by two molecular markersWangensteen, Owen S. ; Palacín, Cruz ; Guardiola, Magdalena ; Turon, Xavier  Artículo