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openAccess28-Jan-2016Bazedoxifene, a new orphan drug for the treatment of bleeding in hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasiaZarrabeitia, Roberto; Ojeda-Fernández, María Luisa ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Parra, José A.; Albiñana, Virginia ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessCLN5_Rojas_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020CLN5 in heterozygosis may protect against the development of tumors in a VHL patientRojas-P, Isabel de; Albiñana, Virginia ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Rodriguez-Rufián, Amanda; Cuesta, Ángel M. ; Botella, Luisa María  
openAccess1471-2350-14-121.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2013Copy number variations in endoglin locus: mapping of large deletions in Spanish families with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 1Fontalba, Ana; Fernández-Luna, Jose L.; Zarrabeitia, Roberto; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Albiñana, Virginia ; Ojeda-Fernández, María Luisa ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Alcaraz, Luis A.; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessBMJ Open Ophthalmology_González-Rodríguez_2019.pdf.jpg28-May-2019Evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of oral propranolol in patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease and retinal hemangioblastomas: phase III clinical trialGonzález-Rodríguez, Beatriz; Villar Gómez de las Heras, Karina; Aguirre, Daniel T.; Rodriguez-Padial, Luis; Albiñana, Virginia ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Cuesta, Ángel M. ; Botella, Luisa María  ; Jiménez Escribano, Rosa Maríaartículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg1-May-2011Immunosuppressor FK506 increases endoglin and activin receptor-like kinase 1 expression and modulates transforming growth factor-β1 signaling in endothelial cellsAlbiñana, Virginia ; Sanz-Rodriguez, Francisco; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessPlos_Genetics_Botella_2016.PDF.jpg24-Mar-2016Mice lacking endoglin in macrophages show an impaired immune responseOjeda-Fernández, María Luisa ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Aristorena, Mikel; Lastres, Pedro  ; Blanco, Francisco J.  ; Gallardo-Vara, Eunate ; Casas-Engel, Mateo de las ; Corbí, Angel L.  ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessTabruyn et al_2013_Angiogenesis_16-4.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2013MiR-205 is downregulated in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia and impairs TGF-beta signaling pathways in endothelial cellsTabruyn, Sebastien P.; Hansen, Sylvain; Ojeda-Fernández, María Luisa ; Bovy, Nicolas; Zarrabeitia, Roberto; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Martial, Joseph A.; Botella, Luisa María  ; Struman, Ingridartículo
openAccess12881_2017_Article_380.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2017Mutation affecting the proximal promoter of Endoglin as the origin of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 1Albiñana, Virginia ; Zafra, M. Paz; Colau, Jorge; Zarrabeitia, Roberto; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Olavarrieta, Leticia; Pérez-Pérez, Julián; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccess3-May-2012Propranolol as an antiangiogenic candidate for the therapy of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasiaAlbiñana, Virginia ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Zarrabeitia, Roberto; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
closedAccessApr-2010Reduced plasma levels of Ang-2 and sEng as novel biomarkers in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT)Ojeda-Fernández, María Luisa ; Barrios, Laura ; Rodríguez-Barbero, Alicia; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
13023_2017_Article_664.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2017Repurposing propranolol as a drug for the treatment of retinal haemangioblastomas in von Hippel-Lindau diseaseAlbiñana, Virginia ; Jiménez Escribano, Rosa María; Soler, Isabel; Rodríguez Padial, Luis; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Villar Gómez de las Heras, Karina; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessfgene_C. Bernabeu_2015.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2015Research on potential biomarkers in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasiaBotella, Luisa María  ; Albiñana, Virginia ; Ojeda-Fernández, María Luisa ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  artículo
openAccessReview_Albiñana_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Review of Pharmacological Strategies with Repurposed Drugs for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Related BleedingAlbiñana, Virginia ; Cuesta, Ángel M. ; Rojas-P, Isabel de; Gallardo-Vara; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessjcm-10-01884.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2021SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Patients Suggests Less Clinical Impact Than in the General PopulationMarcos, Sol; Albiñana, Virginia ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Tarazona, Belisa; Verde-González, María Patrocinio; Ojeda-Fernández, María Luisa ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessβ2-adrenergic_Von_Hippel–Lindau_disease.pdf.jpg25-Aug-2020Targeting β2-adrenergic receptors shows therapeutical benefits in clear cell renal cell carcinoma from Von Hippel–Lindau diseaseAlbiñana, Virginia ; Gallardo-Vara, Eunate ; Rojas-P, Isabel de; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Aguado, Tania; Canto-Cano, Ana; Aguirre, Daniel T.; Serra, Marcelo M.; González-Peramato, Pilar; Martínez-Piñeiro, Luis; Cuesta, Ángel M. ; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessScientific Reports_Cuesta_2019.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2019The β2-adrenergic receptor antagonist ICI-118,551 blocks the constitutively activated HIF signalling in hemangioblastomas from von Hippel-Lindau diseaseCuesta, Ángel M. ; Albiñana, Virginia ; Gallardo-Vara, Eunate ; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; I. de Rojas-P; Villar Gómez de las Heras, Karina; Aguirre, Daniel T.; Botella, Luisa María  artículo
openAccessTH Open_Albiñana_2019 .pdf.jpg2019Topically applied etamsylate: a new orphan drugfor HHT-derived epistaxis (antiangiogenesisthrough FGF pathway inhibition)Albiñana, Virginia ; Giménez-Gallego, Guillermo ; García-Mato, Ángela; Palacios, Patricia; Recio-Poveda, Lucía ; Cuesta, Ángel M. ; Patier, José-Luis; Botella, Luisa María  artículo