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openAccessbacteriocin_gene_Campelo.pdf.jpg28-May-2014A bacteriocin gene cluster able to enhance plasmid maintenance in Lactococcus lactisCampelo, Ana B. ; Roces, Clara ; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; López, Paloma  ; Rodríguez González, Ana ; Martínez Fernández, Beatriz  artículo
openAccessDomingues et al_2013_Plasmid_70(2).pdf.jpg22-May-2013A new tool for cloning and gene expression in Streptococcus pneumoniaeDomingues, Susana; Aires, Andreia Cunha; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; López, Paloma  ; Arraiano, Cecilia Maríaartículo
openAccessEP-2013-Domíngues, Susana.pdf.jpgMay-2013A new tool for cloning and gene expression in Streptococcus pneumoniaeDomingues, Susana; Aires, Andreia Cunha; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; López, Paloma  ; Arraiano, Cecilia Maríacomunicación de congreso
openAccessOpen Biology 2014, 4 (2) Mohedano.pdf.jpgFeb-2014A partial proteome reference map of the wine lactic acid bacterium Oenococcus oeni ATCC BAA-1163Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Russo, Pasquale; Ríos, Vivian de los  ; Capozzi, Vittorio; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Spano, Giuseppe; López, Paloma  artículo
openAccessWerning et al final.pdf (repositorio).pdf.jpg26-Nov-2014A specific immunological method to detect and quantify bacterial 2-substituted (1,3)- β-D-glucanWerning, María Laura ; Pérez-Ramos, Adrián; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Dueñas, María Teresa; Prieto, Alicia  ; López, Paloma  artículo
openAccessRes6redbal_CONGRESO_Mohedano.pdf.jpg2012Análisis proteómico de Oenococcus oeni ATCC‐BAA1163 y Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Russo, Pasquale; Ríos, Vivian de los  ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Spano, Giuseppe; López, Paloma  comunicación de congreso
openAccessTesis Mari Luz Mohedano Bonillo.pdf.jpg2009Caracterización funcional del regulador esencial Y y cF de Streptococcus pneumoniaeMohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  tesis doctoral
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2019Comparative analysis of Leuconostoc and Weissella dextran producing strains isolated from TunisiaBesrour-Aouam, Norhane; Hernández-Alcántara, Annel M. ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Imene, Fhoula; Ruas-Madiedo, Patricia  ; Najjari, Afef; Ouzari, Hadda-Imene; López, Paloma  póster de congreso
openAccessInt. J. Mol. Sci. 13 (9), 10680-10696.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2012Comparative proteomic analysis of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 and ΔctsR mutant strains under physiological and heat stress conditionsRusso, Pasquale; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Capozzi, Vittorio; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; López, Paloma  ; Spano, Giuseppe; Fiocco, Danielaartículo
openAccessJIMB_Paloma López_2014.pdf.jpg2015Construction and validation of a mCherry protein vector for promoter analysis in Lactobacillus acidophilusMohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; García-Cayuela, Tomás ; Pérez-Ramos, Adrián; Gaiser, Rogier A. ; Requena, Teresa  ; López, Paloma  artículo
openAccessdeyectisurvival.pdf.jpg2019Detection of riboflavin production by Lactobacillus plantarum strains during growth and its gastrointestinal survivalMohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Hernández-Recio, Sara; Leblanc, Jean Guy; Aznar, Rosa ; Requena, Teresa  ; López, Paloma  comunicación de congreso
openAccessNacher et al. Carbohydrate Polymers 2017.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2017Dextran production by Lactobacillus sakei MN1 coincides with reduced autoagglutination, biofilm formation and epithelial cell adhesionNácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; Iturria, Iñaki; Zarour, Kenza; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Aznar, Rosa ; Pardo, Miguel Ángel; López, Paloma  artículo
openAccessfmicb-08-02281.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2017Dextransucrase Expression Is Concomitant with that of Replication and Maintenance Functions of the pMN1 Plasmid in Lactobacillus sakei MN1Nácher Vázquez, Montserrat; Ruiz Masó, José A.; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; del Solar, Gloria; Aznar, Rosa ; López, Paloma  artículo
openAccess2019Different modes of regulation of the expression of dextransucrase in Leuconostoc lactis AV1n and Lactobacillus sakei MN1Besrour-Aouam, Norhane; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Fhoula, Imene; Zarour, Kenza; Najjari, Afef; Aznar, Rosa ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Ouzari, Hadda-Imene; López, Paloma  artículo
openAccess2004Enhancement of 2-methylbutanal formation in cheese by using a fluorescently tagged Lacticin 3147 producing Lactococcus lactis strainFernández de Palencia, P. ; Plaza, Marta de la; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Martínez-Cuesta, M. Carmen  ; Requena, Teresa  ; López, Paloma  ; Peláez-Martínez, María Carmenartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005Evidence that the Essential Response Regulator YycF in Streptococcus pneumoniae Modulates Expression of Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Genes and Alters Membrane CompositionMohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Overweg, Karin; Fuente, Alicia de la; Reuter, Mark; Altabe, Silvia; Mulholland, Francis; Mendoza, Diego de; López, Paloma  ; Wells, Jerry M.artículo
openAccessAMAB-D-12-00109 R2.pdf.jpg2012Fluorescent protein vectors for promoter analysis in lactic acid bacteria and Escherichia coliGarcía-Cayuela, Tomás ; Gómez de Cadiñanos, Luz P.; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Boden, Daniel; Wells, Jerry; Peláez, Carmen  ; López, Paloma  ; Requena, Teresa  artículo
openAccessWO2014195554A1.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2014Nucleotide sequence encoding an enzyme having dextransucrase activity, cells that express same and use of said cells for the production of exopolysaccharides having antiviral activity, and compositions containing said exopolysaccharidesNácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; López, Paloma  ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Pérez Prieto, Sara I. ; Rodríguez Saint-Jean, Sylvia ; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; Aznar, Rosa solicitud de patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Plasmidic vectors for characterization of gene expression in, and fluorescent labeling of, Gram-positive bacteriaRuiz-Masó, José A.  ; García-Cayuela, Tomás ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Solar, Gloria del  ; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  comunicación de congreso
openAccessAbstract P. López 2017.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2017Probiotic properties and stress response of lactic acid bacteria isolated from cooked meat productsHernández-Alcántara, Annel M. ; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz  ; López, Paloma  ; Pérez-Chabela, M. Lourdescomunicación de congreso