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openAccessSolis et al 2015 FrontiersPS.pdf.jpg25-Jun-20155-azacytidine promotes microspore embryogenesis initiation by decreasing global DNA methylation,but prevents subsequent embryo development in rapeseed and barleySolís, María Teresa ; El-Tantawy, Ahmed-Abdalla ; Cano, Vanesa ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg15-May-2011A change of developmental program induces the remodeling of the interchromatin domain during microspore embryogenesis in Brassica napus L.Seguí-Simarro, José María ; Corral-Martínez, Patricia; Corredor, Eduardo ; Raska, Ivan; Testillano, P. S. ; Risueño, María Carmen artículo
openAccess1471-2229-12-127-S1.PDF.jpg2-Aug-2012A new microspore embryogenesis system under low temperature which mimics zygotic embryogenesis initials, expresses auxin and efficiently regenerates doubled-haploid plants in Brassica napusPrem, Deepak; Solís, María Teresa ; Bárány, Ivett ; Rodríguez-Sanz, Héctor ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
openAccessplants_ibáñez_2020.pdf.jpg16-Jul-2020Advances in plant regeneration: shake, rattle and rollIbáñez, Sergio; Carneros, Elena; Testillano, P. S. ; Pérez-Pérez, José Manuelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgSep-2013Arabinogalactan protein profiles and distribution patterns during microspore embryogenesis and pollen development in Brassica napusEl-Tantawy, Ahmed-Abdalla ; Solís, María Teresa ; Costa, Mario L. da; Coimbra, Silvia; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
openAccessKalmarova_JStrucBiol_authormanuscript.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2008Asymmetrical distribution of the transcriptionally competent NORs in mitosisKalmárová, Markéta; Kováčik, Lubomír; Popov, Alexey; Testillano, P. S. ; Smirnov, Evgenyartículo
openAccessBárány-et-al_JExpBot_2018.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2018Autophagy is activated and involved in cell death with participation of cathepsins during stress-induced microspore embryogenesis in barleyBárány, Ivett ; Berenguer, Eduardo; Solís, María Teresa ; Pérez-Pérez, Yolanda; Santamaría, María Estrella; Crespo, José L.  ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Díaz, Isabel; Testillano, P. S. artículo
openAccessAvin-Wittenberg_JEXB_2018.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2018Autophagy-related approaches for improving nutrient use efficiency and crop yield protectionAvin-Wittenberg, Tamar; Baluška, Frantisek; Bozhkov, Peter V.; Elander, Pernilla H.; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Galili, Gad; Hassan, Ammar; Hofius, Daniel; Isono, Erika; Le Bars, Romain; Masclaux-Daubresse, Céline; Minina, Elena A.; Peled-Zehavi, Hadas; Coll, Núria S.; Sandalio, Luisa M. ; Satiat-Jeunemaitre, Béatrice; Sirko, Agnieszka; Testillano, P. S. ; Batoko, Henriartículo
closedAccess9-Jun-2006Biosynthesis of Ascorbic Acid in Legume Root NodulesMatamoros Galindo, Manuel Ángel  ; Loscos Aranda, Jorge ; Coronado, María José ; Ramos Escribano, Javier  ; Sato, Shusei; Testillano, P. S. ; Tabata, Satoshi; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  artículo
openAccessBMC Plant Biology 2016.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2016BnPME is progressively induced after microspore reprogramming to embryogenesis, correlating with pectin de-esterification and cell differentiation in Brassica napusSolís, María Teresa ; Berenguer, Eduardo; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
closedAccessPlantSignBehaviour_Corredor et al 2010.pdf.jpgOct-2010Carbon-iron magnetic nanoparticles for agronomic use in plants, promising but still a long way to goCorredor, Eduardo ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
openAccessActaPhysiolPlantarum_2005_Satpute et.pdf.jpgDec-2005Cell architecture during gametophytic and embryogenic microspore development in Brassica napus L.Satpute, Gyanesh K.; Long, Hong; Seguí-Simarro, José María ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
closedAccessBarany et al 2010 JExpBot http.pdf.jpgMar-2010Cell wall components and pectin esterification levels as markers of proliferation and differentiation events during pollen development and embryogenesisBárány, Ivett ; Fadón, Begoña; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
openAccessPlant Physiol, 150(1)(229-243).pdf.jpgMay-2009Cellular response of pea plants to cadmium toxicity: Cross talk between reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide, and calciumRodríguez-Serrano, María; Romero-Puertas, María C.; Testillano, P. S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Río, Luis Alfonso del; Sandalio, Luisa M. artículo
openAccessJ. Am.Soc.Hortic Sci 135(1)(9-17).pdf.jpgJan-2010Changes in cell/tissue organization and peroxidase activity as markers for early detection of graft incompatibility in peach/plum combinationsZarrouk, Olfa ; Testillano, P. S. ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Moreno Sánchez, María Ángeles  ; Gogorcena Aoiz, Yolanda  artículo
openAccessACCEPTED El-Tantawy_et_al_Text_Figures Ch #9109.pdf.jpgAug-2014Changes in DNA methylation levels and nuclear distribution patterns after microspore reprogramming to embryogenesis in barleyEl-Tantawy, Ahmed-Abdalla ; Solís, María Teresa ; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
openAccessFraschini-20-107-117-2005.pdf.jpgJan-2005Changes in extranucleolar transcription during acitnomycin D-induced apoptosisFraschin, Annunzia; Bottone, Maria Grazia; Scovassi, Anna Ivana; Denegri, Marco; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. ; Martin, Terence E.; Biggiogera, Marco; Pellicciari, Carlo E.artículo
openAccess2ndREVISED Rodriguez-Sanz text figures FINAL.pdf.jpgAug-2014Changes in histone methylation and acetylation during microspore reprogramming to embryogenesis occur concomitantly with BnHKMT and BnHAT expression and are associated to cell totipotency, proliferation and differentiation in Brassica napusRodríguez-Sanz, Héctor ; Moreno-Romero, Jordi; Solís, María Teresa ; Köhler, Claudia; Risueño, María Carmen ; Testillano, P. S. artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg2004Changes in pectins and MAPKs related to cell development during early microspore embryogenesis in Quercus suber L.Ramírez, Carmen; Testillano, P. S. ; Pintos, Beatriz; Moreno-Risueño, Miguel A.; Bueno, María Ángeles; Risueño, María Carmen artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2003Changes in tomato leaves induced by NaCl stress: tissular organization and cellular ultrastructureSam, Ofelia; Ramírez, Carmen; Coronado, María José ; Testillano, P. S. ; Risueño, María Carmen artículo