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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccess26-Jan-2015A graphical user-friendly interface for MCR-ALS: a new tool for Multivariate Curve Resolution in MATLABJaumot, Joaquim  ; Gargallo, Raimundo; de Juan, Anna ; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess30-Nov-2015A protocol for LC-MS metabolomic data processing using chemometric toolsGorrochategui, Eva; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess5-Jul-2018An untargeted lipidomic strategy combining comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography and chemometric analysisNavarro-Reig, Meritxell; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess1-Dec-2017Analysis of multiple mass spectrometry images from different Phaseolus vulgaris samples by multivariate curve resolutionBedia, Carmen ; Tauler, Romà ; Jaumot, Joaquim  artículo
openAccess2010Application of multivariate curve resolution to the analysis of yeast genome-wide screensJaumot, Joaquim  ; Piña, Benjamín  ; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess1-Sep-2018Assessment of endocrine disruptors effects on zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos by untargeted LC-HRMS metabolomic analysisOrtiz-Villanueva, Elena; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Martínez, Rubén ; Navarro-Martín, Laia  ; Piña, Benjamín  ; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess2-Jul-2019Assessment of the arsenic exposure in rice (Oryza sativa japonica): Combining untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics.Pérez-Cova, M.; Tauler, Romà ; Jaumot, Joaquim  actas de congreso
openAccess26-Jan-2015Blending process modeling and control by multivariate curve resolutionJaumot, Joaquim  ; Igne, B.; Anderson, C.A.; Drennen, James K.; de Juan, A.artículo
openAccesschemical_equilibria_studies_Jaumot.pdf.jpgFeb-2011Chemical equilibria studies using multivariate analysis methodsJaumot, Joaquim  ; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón  ; Gargallo, Raimundoartículo
closedAccess1-Nov-2016Chemometric analysis of comprehensive LC×LC-MS data: Resolution of triacylglycerol structural isomers in corn oilNavarro-Reig, Meritxell; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Van Beek, Teris André; Vivó-Truyols, Gabriel; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess7-Feb-2017Chemometric evaluation of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography stationary phases: Resolving complex mixtures of metabolitesOrtiz-Villanueva, Elena; Navarro-Reig, Meritxell; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess2018Chemometric Strategies for Peak Detection and Profiling from Multidimensional ChromatographyNavarro-Reig, Meritxell; Bedia, Carmen ; Tauler, Romà ; Jaumot, Joaquim  artículo
embargoedAccess15-Jun-2020Chemometrics in comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography: A study of the data structure and its multilinear behaviorPérez-Cova, Miriam; Tauler, Romà ; Jaumot, Joaquim  artículo
openAccess29-May-2009Classification of nucleic acids structures by means of the chemometric analysis of circular dichroism spectraJaumot, Joaquim  ; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón  ; Navea, Susana; Gargallo, Raimundoartículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2015Combination of CE-MS and advanced chemometric methods for high-throughput metabolic profilingOrtiz-Villanueva, Elena; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Benavente, Fernando; Piña, Benjamín  ; Sanz-Nebot, Victoria M.; Tauler, Romà artículo
closedAccess1-Oct-2016Compression strategies for the chemometric analysis of mass spectrometry imaging dataBedia, Carmen ; Tauler, Romà ; Jaumot, Joaquim  artículo
closedAccess1-Sep-2016Data analysis strategies for targeted and untargeted LC-MS metabolomic studies: Overview and workflowGorrochategui, Eva; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Lacorte Bruguera, Silvia ; Tauler, Romà artículo
openAccess24-Jun-2019Deciphering the multilinear structure and the optimal chemometrics approach for the resolution of multidimensional chromatographic hyphenated dataPérez-Cova, M.; Tauler, Romà ; Jaumot, Joaquim  actas de congreso
openAccessEpithelial-to-mesenchymal transition involves triacylglycerol.pdf.jpg2015Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition involves triacylglycerol accumulation in DU145 prostate cancer cellsDalmau, Núria; Jaumot, Joaquim  ; Tauler, Romà ; Bedia, Carmen artículo
openAccess3-Apr-2019Evaluation of arsenic exposure effects on rice growth using an untargeted lipidomics approachPérez-Cova, M.; Tauler, Romà ; Jaumot, Joaquim  actas de congreso