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openAccessGarcia-Rios-SSU1-2019.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2019A new chromosomal rearrangement improves the adaptation of wine yeasts to sulfiteGarcía Ríos, Estéfani ; Nuévalos, Marcos; Barrio, Eladio ; Puig, Sergi ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessFEMS YR-2012-Chiva.pdf.jpg2012Analysis of low temperature-induced genes (LTIG) in wine yeast during alcoholic fermentationChiva, Rosana ; López Malo, María; Salvadó, Zoel ; Mas, Albert ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessIbanez-2014-IJFM.pdf.jpgFeb-2014Comparative genomic analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts isolated from fermentations of traditional beverages unveils different adaptive strategiesIbáñez, Clara ; Pérez Torrado, Roberto ; Chiva, Rosana ; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Barrio, Eladio ; Querol, Amparo artículo
openAccessfmicb-07-01199.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2016Correlation between Low Temperature Adaptation and Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeGarcía Ríos, Estéfani ; Ramos Alonso, Lucía ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessMuniz-2019JPinealRes.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2019Deciphering the melatonin metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by the bioconversion of related metabolitesMuñiz Calvo, Sara; Bisquert, Ricardo; Fernández-Cruz, E.; García-Parrilla, M. Carmen; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessMuñiz et al 2017.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2016Detecting and Monitoring the Production of Melatonin and Other Related Indole Compounds in Different Saccharomyces Strains by Solid-State Electrochemical TechniquesMuñiz Calvo, Sara; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Domínguez, Irene ; Doménech Carbó, Antonioartículo
openAccessfbioe-08-00129.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2020Differential Contribution of the Parental Genomes to a S. cerevisiae × S. uvarum Hybrid, Inferred by Phenomic, Genomic, and Transcriptomic Analyses, at Different Industrial Stress ConditionsLairón-Peris, María; Pérez-Través, Laura ; Muñiz-Calvo, Sara; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Heras, José María; Barrio, Eladio ; Querol, Amparo artículo
openAccessBiotech progress-2014-López Malo.pdf.jpgJul-2014Effect of deletion and overexpression of tryptophan metabolism genes on growth and fermentation capacity at low temperature in wine yeastLópez Malo, María; García Ríos, Estéfani ; Martí Raga, María; Chiva, Rosana ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessAndorra - Eur Food Res Tech.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2010Effect of pure and mixed cultures of the main wine yeast species on grape must fermentationsAndorrà, Imma; Berradre, María; Rozès, Nicolás; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Esteve Zarzoso, Braulioartículo
openAccess12864_2015_Article_1755.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2015Evolutionary engineering of a wine yeast strain revealed a key role of inositol and mannoprotein metabolism during low-temperature fermentationLópez Malo, María; García Ríos, Estéfani ; Melgar, Bruno; Sanchez, Monica R.; Dunham, Maitreya J.; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessIJFM2019-Su.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2018Fermentative behaviour and competition capacity of cryotolerant Saccharomyces species in different nitrogen conditionsSu, Ying; Origone, Andrea C.; Rodríguez, M. Eugenia; Querol, Amparo ; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Lopes, Christian A.artículo
openAccessMicrobial Cell-2014-Lopez Malo.pdf.jpgNov-2014Functional analysis of lipid metabolism genes in wine yeasts during alcoholic fermentation at low temperatureLópez Malo, María; García Ríos, Estéfani ; Chiva, Rosana ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessGutierrez et al PLOS ONE 2013.pdf.jpg24-Jun-2013Genetic basis of variations in nitrogen source utilization in four wine commercial yeast strainsGutiérrez Linares, Alicia ; Beltrán, Gemma; Warringer, Jonas; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessGenetic Polymorphism in Wine Yeasts.pdf.jpg4-May-2017Genetic Polymorphism in Wine Yeasts: Mechanisms and Methods for Its DetectionGuillamón, José Manuel  ; Barrio, Eladio artículo
openAccessIJFM-2016-Salvado.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2016Genome-wide identification of genes involved in growth and fermentation activity at low temperature in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSalvadó, Zoel ; Ramos Alonso, Lucía ; Tronchoni, Jordi ; Penacho, Vanessa ; García Ríos, Estéfani ; Morales, Pilar ; González García, Ramón  ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessBMC Genomics-2014-garcia rios.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2014Global phenotypic and genomic comparison of two Saccharomyces cerevisiae wine strains reveals a novel role of the sulfur assimilation pathway in adaptation at low temperature fermentationsGarcía Ríos, Estéfani ; López Malo, María; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessJBiotech2020-Maza.pdf.jpg28-Jan-2020Growth and lipid production of Rhodotorula glutinis R4, in comparison to other oleaginous yeastsMaza, D. Daniela; Viñarta, Silvana C.; Su, Ying; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Aybar, Manuel J.artículo
openAccessfgene-11-00519.pdf.jpg25-May-2020GTR1 Affects Nitrogen Consumption and TORC1 Activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Under Fermentation ConditionsMolinet, Jennifer; Salinas, Francisco; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Martínez, Claudioartículo
openAccessfmicb-09-03232.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2019Improving the Cryotolerance of Wine Yeast by Interspecific Hybridization in the Genus SaccharomycesGarcía Ríos, Estéfani ; Guillén, Alba; de la Cerda, Roberto; Pérez Través, Laura; Querol, Amparo ; Guillamón, José Manuel  artículo
openAccessYeast2019-Kessi.pdf.jpg9-Aug-2018Indirect monitoring of TORC1 signalling pathway reveals molecular diversity among different yeast strainsKessi-Pérez, Eduardo I.; Salinas, Francisco; Molinet, Jenifer; González, Asier; Muñiz, Sara; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Hall, Michael N.; Larrondo, Luis F.; Martínez, Claudioartículo