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openAccesssensors-16-01269.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2016A Multi-Robot Sense-Act Approach to Lead to a Proper Acting in Environmental IncidentsConesa-Muñoz, Jesús ; Valente, João; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Ribeiro Seijas, Ángela artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2015A Multirobot System for Distributed Area Coverage and Signal Searching in Large Outdoor ScenariosGarzón, Mario ; Valente, João; Roldán Gómez, Juan J.; Cancar, Leandro ; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Cerro, Jaime del artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2015A proposal of methodology for multi-UAV mission modelingRoldán Gómez, Juan J.; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  comunicación de congreso
openAccessA_Sensor_Fusion_Method.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2020A sensor fusion method for pose estimation of c-legged robotsLeón, Jorge de; Cebolla, Raúl; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessGarzon_M_A_UGV_NAVIGATION_SYSTEM_XII_Workshop_Robotica_Cognitiva_2013_137_153.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2013A UGV Navigation SYstem for Large Outdoor Environments Including Virtual Obstacles for No-Go ZonesGarzón, Mario ; Fotiadis, Efstathios P. ; Puente, P.; Alacid, Andrés; Barrientos, Antonio  capítulo de libro
openAccessValente_Aerial_Coverage_Optimization_in_Precision_Agriculture_Computers_and_Electronics_in_Agriculture.pdf.jpgNov-2013Aerial coverage optimization in precision agriculture management: A musical harmony inspired approachValente, João; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Sanz Muñoz, David preprint
openAccessGarzon_An_aerial_sensors_2013_13_01247.pdf.jpg2013An aerial-ground robotic system for navigation and obstacle mapping in large outdoor areasGarzón, Mario ; Valente, João; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Zapata, Davidartículo
openAccesssensors-11-06088-v3.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2011An air-ground wireless sensor network for crop monitoringValente, João; Sanz Muñoz, David ; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Cerro, Jaime del ; Ribeiro Seijas, Ángela ; Rossi, Claudio artículo
openAccessDec-2019Application of immersive technologies and natural language to hyper-redundant robot teleoperationMartín‑Barrio, Andrés; Roldán,Juan Jesús; Terrile,Silvia; Del cerro,Jaime; Barrientos, Antonio  actas de congreso
openAccessGonzalez_Aplicacion_Maquinas_RIAI_14_2017.pdf.jpg2017Application of Support Vector Machines (SVM) for clinical diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease and Essential TremorGonzález, Roberto; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Toapanta, Marcelo; Cerro, Jaime del artículo
openAccessBehavior-based_control.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2019Behavior-Based Control for an Aerial Robotic Swarm in Surveillance MissionsGarcía-Aunon, Pablo; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessBringing_Robot_Intervention.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2019Bringing Adaptive and Immersive Interfaces to Real-World Multi-Robot Scenarios: Application to Surveillance and Intervention in InfrastructuresRoldán, Juan Jesús; Peña-Tapia, Elena; García-Aunon, Pablo; Cerro, Jaime Del ; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessGarcia_Aunon_Comparison_applsci-08-00711.pdf.jpg2018Comparison of heuristic algorithms in discrete search and surveillance tasks using aerial swarmsGarcia-Aunon, Pablo; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessCorigendum_Tactile_Cancar_2015.pdf.jpg2015Corrigendum to Tactile-Sight: A Sensory Substitution Device Based on Distance-Related Vibrotactile FlowCancar, Leandro ; Díaz, Alex; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Travieso, David; Jacobs, David M.artículo
openAccessDesign _of_a_Hyper-Redundant_Robot.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2020Design of a Hyper-Redundant Robot and Teleoperation Using Mixed Reality for Inspection TasksMartín-Barrio, Andrés; Roldán-Gómez, Juan Jesús; Rodríguez, Iván ; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessRod_Canosa_Detection_Tracking_Dynamic_Sensors_2014_14_2911_2943.pdf.jpg2014Detection and tracking of dynamic objects by using a multirobot system: Application to critical infrastructures surveillanceRodríguez-Canosa, Gonzalo R.; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessGonzalez_DIMETER_haptic_master_Sensors_2014_14_ 4536_4559.pdf.jpg2014DIMETER: A haptic master device for tremor diagnosis in neurodegenerative diseasesGonzález, Roberto; Barrientos, Antonio  ; Cerro, Jaime del ; Coca, Benitoartículo
openAccessHernandez_Game_Theory_Models_Int_J_Adv_Rob_Sy_2013_10_181.pdf.jpg2013Game theory models for multi-robot patrolling of infrastructuresHernández Serrato, Erik; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessRoldan_Heterogeneous_sensors-16-01018.pdf.jpg2016Heterogeneous multi-robot system for mapping environmental variables of greenhousesRoldán Gómez, Juan J.; Garcia-Aunon, Pablo; Garzón, Mario ; de-León, Jorge; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo
openAccessFotiadis_HUman_Detection_from_a_Mobile_Robot_Sensors_2013_13_11603_11635.pdf.jpg2013Human Detection from a Mobile Robot Using Fusion of Laser and Vision InformationFotiadis, Efstathios P. ; Garzón, Mario ; Barrientos, Antonio  artículo